SSV Community Digest — Issue #6

Community Digest #6 is here! Check out everything that's happening in the community.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #6

By BenAffleck

The is going international🌏🌍🌎. The community created great localized content📃. One outstanding🌟 example is the testnet guide in the turkey language(🇹🇷|🌍), provided by TestNetRun. 👇This edition goes all around the globe🌐. Happy digesting😍, wherever you are!, a Vietnamese (🇻🇳|🌏) crypto blog, published a localized analysis of the with an excellent Summary (Kết luậ)🤝. Great content📝 for our Vietnamese family👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 members, but also worth👛 translating for everybody else.

After Blockchain Week Rome (🇮🇹|🌍) and Stake House London (🇬🇧|🌍), the #CryptoPlazaForum Spain (🇪🇸|🌍) took place this week📅.
DragonStake CEO @Der_Fredy announced their strategic partnership with the live🥂 on stage🍾.

🤜 The November 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 🆙date of ‘Staking on Ethereum — A to Z’ now features a What is SSV? section explaining the essentials behind the technology.

The DAO💡 voted ‘yes’✅ on adding the Amber Group as a Partner. The same goes for Partner Group #3🙌, including, DSRV, Infstones, Skillz, and Edi from ShardLabs, which also got accepted by the DAO. Welcome to all new Partners 👋.

InfStones was particularly excited💥, and announced the new partnership in their latest newsletter 📰 with a great summary:

“InfStones joins […] to provide institutional-grade staking and validator node services, helping the network to improve its capability of decentralization, fault tolerance, and optimal security for staking on Ethereum.”
— InfStones Newsletter

We don’t stop🤚: The XT — DAO Partner Program proposal 🚦 is going live tomorrow (29th of November📅) and awaits your vote✔.

AU21 Capital, a founder-driven VC firm submitted its proposal to join the DAO Partner Program. Also, a collective of individuals🤼 with diverse backgrounds and a solid link to the proposed adding them as strategic growth partners 🌟.

🔊Speaking about Partners and Operators🤵, ValidBlocks was a guest in the Know Your Operator series. Adi & Eddi shared their thoughts on Ethereum 2.0, and how they see the future🔮 of staking. A must-watch!👓

😚As we get closer to the start🏁 of the incentivized testnet👑, the v0.1.6 release of the SSV operator client adds extra stability and performance just at the right time. Stay tuned🤩.

👛 CoindEx Global, a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange, announced the listing of an SSV/USDT pair💱.

The same is true🙏 for, which also announced the listing of an SSV/USDT pair on their platform💱.

Speaking🙊 about listings, we finally have our lovely new icon showing up on😍.

🔴 Understanding the Transition to Proof of Stake was the topic of the last Ethereum Cat Herders meeting. Tim Beiko did a brilliant💪 explanation of how this will happen, not without mentioning the need to “trustlessly share your keys to protect your funds and further decentralize the network”.
The technology he is describing is called Secret-Shared-Validator (SSV)😛.

🔚 Last but not least. If you are a Senior Solidity Developer, Senior GoLang Developer, or a Content & Communications Specialist, and you want to join BloxStaking/, email your CV/Portfolio to Eran Efrima (📧) or DM him on Discord.

👨‍👧‍👦 Community Asks

🤔 What determines the effectiveness of a validator?

“The SSV testnet is still being worked on for stability and we are gradually seeing more consistency but it will still vary as more bugs get resolved. Over time as the network becomes more stable, validator effectiveness should remain consistently high. For now, I would not worry about occasional drops in effectiveness.”
h.m.23 | 0NEinfra

🤔 When will the incentivized testnet start?

“Soon. Announcements are around the corner.”
— Just everybody

🚀 DAO Updates

= Accepted 🟥 = Declined 🚦 = Currently Voting 📃 = Proposal
🌟= New 🆙 = Updated

The proposal to add the Amber Group as a Partner of the DAO was accepted by the DAO.

Group #3 of potential DAO Partners, including, DSRV, Infstones, Skillz, and Edi from ShardLabs, also got accepted by the DAO.

🚦 XT — DAO Partner Program proposal

📃🌟 Strategic Partners / Growth Partners

📃🌟 AU21 Proposal to join Dao Partner Program

📃🆙 OKEx Blockdream Ventures — DAO Partner Program proposal

📃 NGC Ventures — DAO Partner Program proposal

📃🆙 / Gate Ventures — DAO Partner Program proposal

📃 Lead Capital — DAO Partner Program proposal

📃 🆙 The guidelines and reward distribution proposal for the incentivized testnet are finally here. Go and share your thoughts.

📃 Wanna be a Verified Operator? Check out what it takes in the DAO curated node registry — ‘Verified Operators’ proposal.

🎁 Out of the Blox (Staking)

📢 Blox Staking announced that seedless import is now available for existing Mainnet BloxStaking users. If you want to learn more, have a look at their video🎥 guides:

🔴 Videos & Podcasts

[SSV] Know Your Operator — ssv network x ValidBlocks — YouTube

👨‍💻 Tools & Code

Version 0.1.6 of the SSV operator node client was released. Please 🆙date your nodes, as this release contains several improvements and features.

Release v0.1.6 · bloxapp/ssv

📅 Events & More Operators Call #1

The first operator call will take place on the 1st of December📅. Make sure to set up your reminder on YouTube.

We need you 👈

Have you spotted 👓 interesting content around SSV and related topics, or did you create content yourself? Let me know and drop me a line at Any feedback is welcome.

— Ben