SSV Talks — October 15th

The is busy going places! Check out the latest updates and news from the network.

SSV Talks — October 15th

SSV Talks — October 15th

Hi Everyone 👋

We’ll keep this edition short because there is quite a bit of catching up to do. is gathering traction and growing, and we’re excited to share everything that happened in the past week+. DAO Genesis Partners

The first 3 DAO partners were officially announced (additional partners will be announced on an on going basis):

  • Digital Currency Group (Foundry)
  • Coinbase Ventures
  • Lukka, Inc

There will be a total of three batches taking place in 2 month intervals, for a total of 6 months for the entire program.

We also had the first 2 grant requests submitted to the DAO:

  1. Stereum integration
  2. SSV protocol formal verification
SSV Talks — October 15th continues to grow, fast!

As of today, there are 125 Operators (35 verified), 2222 Validators and 3 DAO Partners operating on the ssv Testnet.

SSV Token Upgrade is Here!

You can now upgrade your CDT to SSV tokens.

As a reminder, you will then receive SSV tokens in a 1:100 ratio directly to your deposit address (100 CDT = 1 SSV).

SSV Talks — October 15th

Also on Binance!

When we said that things were moving fast, we weren’t kidding!

Binance announced and that it will natively support the CDT upgrade to SSV.

SSV Talks — October 15th

‘The Future of Staking’ Event is hosting its first ever offline LIVE event in Lisbon right before LisCon

SSV Talks — October 15th

If you are planning on attending Liscon next week come meet us for drinks, snacks (and POAPs)

We’ll be hosting a panel with the biggest names in the staking ecosystem:

  • StakingRewards
  • DappNode
  • Foundry(DCG)
  • Lido
  • EthStaker Community
  • Bloxstaking

RSVP here!

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