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The protocol is governed, managed, and operated by the community, upholding the highest standards of decentralization. The SSV token unlocks the ability to vote, helps keep the network in check, and moves it in the right direction.

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Ambassador Program

We are always looking for energetic and friendly people to join our Ambassador Program. As an ambassador, you’ll help other SSV users and those interested in learning more about SSV technology navigate the network. Join the team and help us grow!

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Developer Grants

The DAO allocates grants to developers that want to build new and innovative applications on top of the SSV protocol. When the DAO votes to approve a grant request, seed round funding for the development project is allocated from the treasury.

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JATO: The Last Step Before Mainnet
JATO: The Last Step Before Mainnet

Although we recommend reading this major release and all the significant details — especially before going live. We’ve made a nice short…

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SSV’s Part in the Merge
SSV’s Part in the Merge

Since its launch in 2015, the Ethereum network has ensured its security by validating transactions and adding new blocks to…

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SSV DAO Updates: Issue #3
SSV DAO Updates: Issue #3

Welcome to the latest issue of the SSV DAO Updates! Since the last update, the DAO has been jam-packed with…

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ETHDenver: Get Ready for DVT
ETHDenver: Get Ready for DVT

Join the team at BUIDLWeek during ETHDenver from 24 February — 1 March 2023! With the protocol’s Mainnet launch on the…

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Get Ready for Shifu V2 — Multi-Duty: Feb’ 2023
Get Ready for Shifu V2 — Multi-Duty: Feb’ 2023

The team is excited to announce the release of the latest version of the SSV node! Launching Shifu V2…

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Network Events

Get involved with the ETH staking community and in person.
Meet the SSV team along with stakers, developers, and others in the ETH staking space.

The Staking Summit
Nov 8, 2022
Oct 6-9, 2022
The Merge Series
Jul 14, 2022


SSV Token, the native token of, has 3 uses:


Token holders can vote on DAO proposals.


Stakers pay operators in SSV tokens for performing validator duties on their behalf.


The DAO awards grants for developing on top of SSV.

Global Communities

Connect with the SSV community in your native language on Discord.