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Launch V3
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Introducing, Jato, the latest iteration of our public testnet.
Building on 2+ years of public Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) testnets.

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Jato V3

Gas cost optimization

Gas cost optimization

Reduces gas cost of on-chain validator registration by 60 - 80%.

Gas cost optimization

Improved cluster management

More cost effective to register and maintain many validators.

Gas cost optimization

Increase validator liveness

Improve validator monitoring to ensure up-time.

Gas cost optimization

Validator Management

A new modular approach to account management.

Gas cost optimization

Increasing the number of nodes

Increasing the number of nodes in a cluster exponentially improves fault tolerance.

Gas cost optimization

Permissioned Operators

Operators can provide their services to authorized validators.

JATO - Assisting DVT’s Official Take-Off

We’ve named our last testnet Jato. Because it’s precisely that. A Jet-Assisted Take-Off for ssv.network! In other contexts, Jato also means “cluster”, “group”, or “flock.” This landmark update signifies the take-off of our multi-cluster DVT implementation.

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

As the final puzzle piece, Jato brings ssv.network one step closer to its mainnet launch. The future of ETH staking looks brighter than ever before!

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SSV Rocket

Are you a validator?

Existing Shifu users: Please remove validator(s) from the Shifu V2 Testnet of the network and onboard it to Jato - via the Web App or smart contracts.

As Jato goes live, Shifu will be gradually shut down - validators must choose new operators running on Jato

New users registering their validator(s) on the network after 30 March will be automatically added to the Jato testnet

Are you an operator?

In order to run an operator in the Jato network, do the following:
1. Fully Delete the current “Shifu” instance
2. Install a new operator according to the installation guide
3. Register your operator to the network

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