Distributed Validator Digest: August

The ssv.network Shifu testnet is finally open to the public! Learn everything you need to know about out latest testate and how to join!

Distributed Validator Digest: August

SSV V2 Stats 📊

Distributed Validator Digest: August

Shifu (v2) Testnet has been Released!

The long-awaited release of Shifu has finally arrived! The SSV team has pulled out all the stops for this one, bringing the latest version of the network’s DVT infrastructure to users.

For more information, read the latest blog posts about Shifu:

✅ Our warmer and how to join: Shifu SSV Testnet V2 — Live
✅ A breakdown of the new V2 testnet: SSV Testnet V2 is Here!

Join the network via our dedicated Shifu page and learn more about the latest in DVT!

Distributed Validator Digest: August

Building SSV 🔨

⭐Check out Issue #1 of the SSV DAO Updates to see all the latest activity surrounding grants and proposals in the network’s DAO.

⭐The ssv.network DAO has decided to sponsor DevCon Bogota’s Hackathon, the biggest get-together of the year for the Ethereum developer community.

This Month in SSV ✌️

✅ We have a new Mascot!
✅ Latest grant calls with Casimir, Blockscape, and XHash

Community & general news 📢

In the latest community call #10 – Shifu Testnet launch – the core team discusses everything you need to know for V2. If you need some context, check out other calls you might have missed, the road to V2 & all about V2.

Global Community

⭐ The CN and RU communities have translated the V2 Testnet warmer video for their respective communities

⭐ The RU community has released their translation of the SSV DAO Updates post.

⭐ DE community has released their translation of the Shifu Explained post.

Distributed Validator Digest: August

Events 📆

The Merge Series

After 8 weeks of podcasts hosted by the one-and-only Anthony Sassano, with core contributors and leaders in the industry discussing the future of ETH staking, the Merge series has come to an end. What a ride!

Merge Series final episode 8: UNCANCELLABLE? Featuring: Lido, SSV, and RocketPool

Watch this interview with Launchnode CEO Jaydeep Korde speaking with ssv.network Co-founder @Adamefr

⭐ Alon Muroch and Gisele from Stakin have an interesting talk about POS and DVT!

SSV Mentions 🔊

Check out some of the interviews, podcasts, and others mentioning SSV:

⭐ #C3VTalks: Listen to – Amid the Ethereum Merge, what will be the development and challenges for the DeFi ecosystem in the future?

⭐ Cool content generated outside the community!

⭐ If you got this far… Peruse Alon’s list of “future stuff” he’s looking at for the ssv.network!

Distributed Validator Digest: August