Distributed Validator Digest: July

The next version of the ssv.network testnet is almost here! To prepare for the launch we've released a new website, community hub, and more!

Welcome to the monthly recap of everything SSV. We’ll be updating you on all the month’s developments regarding our tech, network, and community.

From the C-level
Alon Muroch (ssv.network CEO)

Special Updates

V2 has arrived! Since the beginning of the year, our team has been working tirelessly on the V2 testnet, and all the extras that come with it. Now that V2 is here, take a look at all our new features and updates. We’ll be publishing our ‘Everything you need to know’ blog soon, where we’ll give more insight into our latest updates.

This Month in SSV ✌️

Distributed Validator Digest: July

We’ve updated our website.

Released our new Dev-center.

Refined our docs so that everyone can understand how SSV works.

Added new Notion pages for our community.

We had our community call #9 all about V2.

Building SSV 🔨

Building the community and the network have been our most important focus points (after the actual tech, naturally), and we’ve made major headway with these. Having had various grant calls with builders that want to use the network infrastructure to build staking solutions for the future.

Since we last spoke, the DAO has approved various grants for builders (including the likes of Ankr & Swell). 

SSV Community

Distributed Validator Digest: July

Alongside all this, our global community has grown significantly, helping with localization and translating essential SSV blogs and info for their communities. Using the newly built Notion pages, our community members can seamlessly interact with each other, apply for grants, see our partners, become an ambassador, see all our events, testnet information, and more!


Alon offline EthCC in Paris 🥐 – external show traction

Distributed Validator Digest: July

Distributed Validator Digest: July

In the meantime, Alon and the team have been spreading the SSV gospel at events like EthCC and FES, discussing the future of ETH staking, and helping to educate and inform about the importance of DVT and its role in the Merge.

For more Merge info and insights, check out our Merge series, where we host talks with industry leaders, like the Co-founder of Polygon: Sandeep Nailwal, Founder and CEO of Aave: Stani Kulechov, and others busy building toward the future of Ethereum.

SSV Stats

Distributed Validator Digest: July