Distributed Validator Digest: September

The Merge is here! Everyone prepare for the rise of the validator. See what we've been up to and the part that DVT will play in the Merge.

Distributed Validator Digest: September

SSV V2 Testnet Stats

Distributed Validator Digest: September

The Merge is upon us!
Now that the Merge has finalized and validators are responsible for securing the network, distributed validators (dValidators) are the next critical step. Check out SSV’s part in the Merge to see how the protocol can drive the way forward to a truly decentralized and antifragile Ethereum.

Distributed Validator Digest: September

Shifu Testnet Reminders

The ssv.network Shifu testnet has been live for just over a month now with participants and staked ETH more than doubling.

  • We have fixed a few minor bugs including fee recipient addresses.
  • Now that Shifu is running the show the v1 Primus testnet has successfully served its purpose. Starting on the 1st of October Primus will no longer be supported and participants should ensure they have moved to Shifu.

Building SSV

Distributed Validator Digest: September

  • The ssv.network DAO has gone all-in with DevCon Bogota’s Hackathon on 7-9 October! To join, have a look at our dedicated Bogota Hackaton page.
  • The SSV ecosystem is ever-expanding! Check out the latest issue of SSV Builders to dive into Blockscape’s institutional liquid staking service.
  • September grants that have entered the execution phase: Hellman, ChainUp, Forbole, HAL, DragonStake. Check out the approved grants for more information.

This Month in SSV

♦ The Verified Operator Committee has been established
♦ Latest grant calls with Hellman
♦ Ankr announces partnership with SSV

Community & General News

The ssv.network has gained a new contributor! Have a look at MarkoInEther’s proposal and AMA to see what our new developer evangelist and integration strategist will be up to.

Global Community

The RU community has released their translation of the SSV DAO Updates post.
DE community has released their translation of the Shifu Explained post as well as the ambassador page in Notion.


Distributed Validator Digest: September

◊ The ssv.network had speakers at ICC (Isreal Crypto Community) Web3 for Developers.

◊ SSV’s own Adam Efrima was part of a panel discussion at the 8th Global Blockchain Summit discussing Ethereum after the Merge.

◊ Don’t miss RockX, SSV, and SafeStake at the Ethereum Singapore Meetup, 4 October!

◊ Mint Ventures on DeLounge Twitter spaces: A Ethereum Merge Shattering Consensus or the Dawn of the Future?

SSV Mentions

Check out some of the interviews, podcasts, and others mentioning SSV:

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An interesting Twitter thread about the staking economy featuring SSV.

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