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SSV network
Governance vote on protocol changes and improvements. Influence grant distributions and operator ranking.
Network fees SSV is payed as fees to operators for running validators and generating rewards for stakers.
Staking (coming soon)
Upgrade CDT to SSV token at a 1:100 ratio upgrade
Join the SSV network DAO and help shape the future of ETH staking
SSV token swap full audit complete by CoinFabrik on July 2021


what is the relationship between CDT and SSV tokens?

CDT is the Bloxstaking token. The initial distribution of SSV will be made to CDT holders using a one way token swap.

what is SSV total supply?

Total supply will be fixed in a future stage, closer to product launch.

how can the average person use SSV?

SSV is used for network fees, DAO voting and, in the future, for staking rewards as well.

what are the fundamentals behind SSV?

Demand for SSV should grow alongside protocol adoption as more users will need SSV to pay operator fees in the network. In addition, staking SSV to ensure stakers' adoption coincides with increased scarcity over time.