Decentralized ETH Infrastructure

Shaping The Future Of
Distributed ETH Staking

Easy-to-use and scalable infrastructure for developers.
Powered by DVT technology

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Shaping The Future
Of Distributed ETH

Easy-to-use and scalable infrastructure for developers.
Powered by DVT technology

ETH Staked
Current TVL

The SSV Edge

Easy setup

Run a validator without hardware or coordination with a simple contract transaction.


Open for all, community owned, and open-sourced.


Supports home stakers and the largest staking applications alike.


Hyper configurable setups. Swap operators supported natively for diverse cluster variations.

What is a
DVT Network?

A pioneering architectural framework designed specifically for Ethereum staking.

Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) facilitates the distribution of validator operations across independent node operators. A DVT Network fosters a secure and robust environment for flawless execution of validator operations.

Build on

Built on the principles of Ethereum, fosters an open ecosystem dedicated to a singular objective: Decentralization.

SSV Network App

Distribute Validator

Register your validator on to distribute its operation between diverse staking providers.

Learn how to run SSV node


Set up SSV nodes – the backbone of the

SSV Governance Hub


A DAO-governed, community-driven Protocol

SSV Documentation


Learn about, build a distributed staking app.


Our Partners
ChainlayerPeter van Mourik | CEO
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"DVT is a great technology as it reduces the complexity to secure uptime during outages or maintenance windows."
HashQuarkJohnxie | Blockchain Engineer
Read More
Allowing Byzantine fault tolerance rate of 33%, improving decentralization, and decentralizing private keys, the four operators are more secure
HellmanMMT | Technical Director
Read More
1. SSV has deep research on dvt and mpc
2. The SSV project is at the forefront and is already preparing for the second phase;
3. SSV has gained the attention of top capital and the market."
BlockscapeNorman Saade | Product Owner
Read More
SSV was the first to hit the market. After an internal review and especially after having gotten some first-hand experience actually running the software in testnet, it was an obvious choice for us.
DELIGHTYoung | Software Engineer
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The experience we had by going through the incentivized testnet v1 on the ssv network is enough to convince us to choose since our team as a verified operator has witnessed its reliability and stability during the period.
Swell Network DAO
Swell Network DAODaniel Dizon | Co-Founder & CEO
Read More
The implementation of DVT by is very promising with strong developments across multiple areas, including product maturity, team, node operator community, support, and overall strategic alignment with our protocol.
Forbole Limited
Forbole LimitedJade Lai | Product Marketing
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As an operator point of view, DVT minimizes or even gets rid of the risk of slashing by distributing the validators keys across different operators, which improves the security of key management. We can set up nodes quickly and maintain good performance.
CryptoManufakturThorsten Behrens | Founder
Read More
It works with the protocol as-is and does not require specialized validator clients, as it is the validator client
DSRVJinhong Choi | Validator Engineer
Read More
We think is working version of DVT on Ethereum testnet with a viable roadmap.

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