Decentralized ETH Infrastructure

Shaping the Future
of Distributed ETH

Shaping the Future of Distributed ETH Staking Shaping the Future of Distributed ETH Staking

Easy-to-use and scalable infrastructure for developers.
Powered by DVT technology

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Easy setup

Run a validator without hardware or coordination with simple contract transaction.


Open for all, community owned and open-sourced.


Supports home stakers and the largest staking applications alike.


Hyper configurable setups, swap and change operators supported natively.

What is a DVT Network?

A pioneering architectural framework designed specifically for Ethereum staking. DVT facilitates the distribution of validator operations across independent operators. A DVT Network fosters a secure and robust environment for flawless execution of validator operations.

Mainnet Roadmap

Built on the principles of Ethereum, fosters an open ecosystem dedicated to a singular objective: Decentralization.

Join us as we shape the future of Ethereum staking.

SSV Roadmap SSV Roadmap
Roadmap Background
Roadmap Background

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Distributed Validator

Distributed Validator

Register your validator on to distribute its operation between the many diverse staking providers.

Run Validator


Developers and teams running SSV nodes - the backbone of the network.

Run a node


A DAO-governed, community-driven project, on a mission to safely on-board the next billion users to the ETH staking economy.

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SSV Testimonials

Hellman Logo


1. SSV has done deep research on DVT and MPC;
2. SSV is at the forefront and is already preparing for the second phase;
3. SSV has gained the attention of top capital and the market.

MMT | Technical Director

Blockscape Logo


After an internal review and especially after having gotten some first-hand experience actually running the software in testnet, it was an obvious choice for us.

Norman Saade | Product Owner

Swell Logo

Swell's DVT implementation is very promising with strong developments in product maturity, team, node operator community, support, and overall strategic alignment with our protocol.

Young | Software Engineer

CryptoManufaktur Logo


Enables solo stakers to stake with us, securely and decentralized. Without DVT, we cannot service solo stakers and have to steer them towards Liquid Staking.

Thorsten Behrens | Founder

DragonStake Logo


SSV is one of the most close to production, and devs and rest of the team have been very supportive with our enrollment from the first day. We feel very comfortable working for this network.

Fredy | Founder

LaunchNodes Logo


We've searched for solutions enabling validators to choose multiple operators irrespective of client, secure, non-custodial, and with 0 slashing events. That's what ssv have produced.

Yash | CTO and Co-Founder Logo

It mitigates the risk from 1 party and it helps in keeping the key for the validator more secure and it ensures there is minimum downtime [...] the first viable solution available in the market.

Rohit Aggarwal | Blockchain Developer

HashQuark Logo


DVT enables automated pledge pool agreements, allowing ETH pledges into the smart contract which automatically distributes it to the operator to run the signature block.

Johnxie | Blockchain Engineer



With DVT, now we can run validators using multiple operators instead of a single validator node [...] I believe DVT can help to make blockchain more stable.

Jinhong Choi | Validator Engineer

Delight Logo


We could not have planned to develop a staking service on the Ethereum network without DVT. It has lowered the burden of analyzing and organizing a group of validators and the potential of slashing.

Young | Software Engineer

Forbole Logo


DVT minimizes the risk of slashing by distributing the validators keys across different operators, improving key management security. We can set up nodes quickly and maintain good performance.

Jade Lai | Product Marketing


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From Vision to Reality: SSV DAO’s Historic Step Toward Making DVT a Community-Owned Public Good

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Exploring the Power of Jato-V2: The New SSV.Network Testnet has Landed

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