Decentralizing Ethereum

The Secret Shared Validator Network Join Testnet is a decentralized staking infrastructure that enables the distributed operation of an Ethereum validator. An open source protocol for simple and scalable access to decentralized ETH staking for all.


Run an SSV node to provide stakers with a fault tolerant, slashing-free decentralized security layer. All the while, generating SSV rewards.

Become An Operator

Validators (Stakers)

Distribute your validator key to operators by selecting between multiple staking providers, clients, servers and geolocations.

Stake on Testnet

Governance is an open source, community driven public project. Help shape its future by proposing new ideas and initiatives, and voting on existing ones.

Join the cause!


Built by developers, researchers, and staking providers

  • Advance fault tolerance, eliminating risk of single point of failure
  • Promote non-custodial, decentralized staking infrastructure
  • Mitigate validator client diversification
  • Remove slashing risks and optimize performance



Your gateway to Crypto finance.


Distributed. Served. Your Easiest acess to Blockchain.


Decentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform.


The epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

Coinbase ventures

An investment arm of Coinbase, investing in early-stage crypto and blockchain startups.

Valid Blocks

The better choice for Non-Custodial Staking.


SSV (also referred to as ‘DVT’, Distributed-Validator-Technology) is the first secure and scalable implementation for validator key sharing between non-trusting nodes (i.e Operators). is an open source protocol, you can apply for grants, run a node or learn from the community

More about SSV Build on SSV

SSV Token

The SSV token (ERC-20) is the native token for the network’s protocol


Submitting votes and voting on DAO decisions


Operators receive SSV tokens for managing and operating validators on behalf of Stakers


DAO funding for developers and contributors helping grow the network

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Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains because it was the original one to feature smart contracts. But that… – Path to Mainnet

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‘Decentralized Ownership — Marketing’ Phase II

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Our plan is simple — to decentralize ownership of ALL marketing efforts and assets.That’s the vision, that’s where we’re headed.For Phase II we won’t…

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🎉Happy New Year🎉 to everyone on the! Last year is over, but we still have a lot in store…

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