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SSV Network

Decentralized ETH Staking Network

Secret Shared Validator Network A gateway to decentralized, trustless ETH staking.

Become a staker (Validator)

Distribute your stake across multiple service providers instead of relaying on a single one.

  • fully decentralized network with no single point of failure
  • offline validator key generation and storage
  • higher uptime and robustness maintained by vetted operators

Become an operator

Run an SSV node and generate revenue by securing stakers in the network.

  • scale fast, optimize security and uptime
  • NO collateral required, operators are not exposed to stakers' private keys
  • zero-out slashing risk

Discover the SSV Network

Use the explorer to view the stats and ranknings of all validators and operators participating in the network.

  • Choose your Operators
  • Customize your validator
  • Optimize your rewards

The network will take care of the rest ;)


Join the cause!

SSV is an open source, community driven protocol. Help shape its future by proposing new ideas, voting on existing ones. Help keep Ethereum safe and decentralized

Built by Ethereum developers, researchers, and staking providers.


SSV Tech

SSV enables a secure way to split a validator key between non-trusting nodes, or operators, while maintaining distributed control and activity of an Ethereum validator.

SSV, at its heart, is a way to decentralize risk and reduce failures by making individual SSV nodes become a robust network that can outperform any individual staking service in security, robustness, and uptime.

Audit partners

Token contract View report smart contract (on going)

News & updates

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SSV incentivized testnet — October 2021

30 Aug 2021

SSV incentivized Testnet !! (October 2021)32,000 SSV giveaway!🤘32,000 SSV token rewards!!!🤘Validators, Operators, Verified Operators🤘SSVnomicks and reward distribution🤘FAQTestnet V2 is finally LIVE!. Anyone… updates — Aug 27th

27 Aug 2021 updates — Aug 27thThings have been moving fast since our testnet launch, today we hit the 100 validators mark and we managed…