SSV Mainnet Limited Launch

Limited Launch

Verified Operators

The objective for this phase of the rollout is to introduce a complete set of Verified Operators (VOs). These service providers are tried-and-tested node runners, ensuring the optimal security and performance of validators. The primary goal here is to ensure the active participation of these verified operators and their smooth transition to mainnet before engaging the next phase.

What is a VO?

What is a VO?

The Verified Operators (VOs) are a group of DAO-curated SSV Node operators. These service providers are, in most cases, reputable companies with proven experience in running PoS staking services and blockchain infrastructure services.

The Verified Operator Committee (VOC) is responsible for screening and nominating new verified operators. The criteria and standards expected from VOs are accessible and transparent to the community and operators applying to join the verified group.

What Makes a VO?

Robust Infrastructure

VOs utilize top-class infrastructure, with a solid node operating track record, and experience in running a variety of clients in multiple regions

High Level Security

VOs maintain a high level of security and implement best practices for the safety of network users

High Performance

VOs need to participate a minimum of 90 days on testnet with a performance above 98% on daily and monthly metrics

Completed VOC Process

All VOs undergo a comprehensive KYC/KYB and background check to ensure users know who operates their validators

The Verified Operators of

From the 45+ VOs in the VO Program the SSV DAO has carefully selected 20 VOs that will participate in the Limited Launch.
These reputable operators will be the first to maintain distributed validators for mainnet

VO Badge

VO Badge

The Verified Operator Badge by isn’t just a symbol – it’s a testament to our shared commitment to network performance, security, and decentralization. As a verified ssv operator, you’re entitled to proudly display this badge on your website.

Get Verified

Get Verified

To become a verified operator, there are certain requirements that must be met. These requirements are put in place to ensure that only qualified individuals are allowed to participate in the program.

Experience and

Participate in
Marketing Efforts


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