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SSV is now live on mainnet! We welcome all qualified applicants who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible and take part in reshaping the future of Ethereum staking.

A Robust Infrastructure for Ethereum Proof-of-Stake​

SSV is for developers, DIY users, and staking services that can utilize SSV to build the future of Proof-of-Stake blockchain solutions.



Help Ethereum stay true to its original ethos of decentralization by furthering the growth of the first decentralized ETH staking network.



Join the diverse team of top-notch developers and staking experts from all over the world building the next generation of ETH staking applications and services.



Apply your skills to help develop the future of ETH staking and Distributed Validator Technology (DVT).

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The protocol upholds the highest standards of decentralization and is governed, managed, operated, and largely built by the community. Read more in the forum and Notion hub, and connect with us on Discord.

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DAO Grants

The network’s ability to grow depends on developers and teams using its open-source infrastructure to build new apps and ETH staking solutions. The DAO has grants available for developers to build solutions and tools using SSV.

Current Open Positions

Core Development Team’s core development is currently led by the Blox Staking team, and we are always looking for smart, driven individuals to join us! Apply for an open position directly with our team and join the ETH staking revolution.

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