Use Cases

Use validator infrastructure as a building block for any staking application.


Optimized Rewards​

Validator keys are distributed between multiple operators to provide fault tolerance, optimize performance, and minimize slashing risks.

Secure by Design

To mitigate a single point of failure and malicious actors, your validator keys are kept offline, and no single operator has custody or access to them.

Quick Deployment

No operational setups are required. Network operators manage your pool’s validator nodes, allowing you to focus on building amazing staking applications.

Full Customizability

Pick and choose between the network operators, and optimize for cost and tech stack (geo and client diversity).

Projects Building on SSV

Grant Recipient

Join our Grants Program​

Get funded to build the future of ETH staking. The DAO has grants available for developers to build apps and tools using SSV infrastructure.

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Learn how to build a DVT based Staking Pool Guide

Robust security

Distribute Infrastructure – distributing responsibility between nodes results in much lower operational risk.

New revenue stream

Earn SSV fees by participating as a network operator for maintaining validators on behalf of stakers.

Slashing protection

Consensus based duty validations eliminate potential slashing risks.

Fault tolerance

To achieve true active – active fault tolerance SSV’s QBFT consensus mechanism can handle 1 malfunctioning node out of 4 nodes operating a single validator.

Staking Services Building on SSV

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Get funding to build your staking service using our network.

Get Started with SSV Guides​

Learn how to build a DVT-based staking service

Non-Custodial Staking

Withdrawal credentials are never shared and the validation key is kept offline – no single operator has custody or access to the validator keys.


Select and manage your preferred tech stack for your validators (geographic and client diversity).

Optimized Rewards

Validators’ keys are distributed between multiple operators to enable fault tolerances, optimized performance, and minimized slashing risks.

Superior Infrastructure

Run your validator on the robust infrastructure of the most experienced and reputable node operators in the staking industry.

Stakers looking forward to

Join our Grants Program​​

Get funding to build staking applications for stakers.

Get Started with SSV Guides​

Learn how to run a distributed validator

Client diversity

SSV boasts many operators with unique client configurations, enabling total control over execution and consensus client choice.

Track Record

SSV has over $100M TVL operated through EigenPods and Restaking Protocols.

Enhanced Slashing Protection

Each operator in the cluster maintains a slashing database to prevent a slashable duty from ever being submitted.


Run your validators in unique geographical locations with minority clients.

Ecosystem partners

SSV has partnered with industry leading node operators, allowing for a resilient and stable distributed validator network to operate smoothly.

Audits & Security​

SSV Network has been audited by several leading auditing firms and has an active $1,000,000 Immunefi bug bounty.​


Smart Contracts


1M Bug Bounty

Least Authority

SSV Node & Spec



How Does SSV Fortify Restaking?​



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Use Cases​

Use the decentralized Ethereum staking infrastructure as a building block for different applications.



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