SSV Network Use Cases

Use Cases

Use the decentralized Ethereum staking infrastructure
as a building block for your applications.

SSV for Staking Pools

Benefits for Staking Pools

Optimized rewards

Validator keys are distributed between multiple operators to provide fault tolerance, optimize performance, and minimize slashing risks.

Secure by design

To mitigate a single point of failure and malicious actors, your validator keys are kept offline, and no single operator has custody or access to them.

Quick Deployment

No operational setups are required. Network operators manage your pool’s validator nodes, allowing you to focus on building amazing staking applications.

Full Customizability

Pick and choose between the network operators, and optimize for cost and tech stack (geo and client diversity).

Projects building on SSV

Grant Recipient Blockscape
Grant Recipient Swell Network
Grant Recipient ANKR
Grant Recipient Stader
Grant Recipient Spectrum
Grant Recipient Stardust
Grant Recipient Onestar
Grant Recipient Infinite Lux
Grant Recipient Casimir
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SSV for Staking Services

Benefits for Staking Services

Fault tolerance

To achieve true active - active fault tolerance SSV's QBFT consensus mechanism can handle 1 malfunctioning node out of 4 nodes operating a single validator.

Slashing protection

Consensus based duty validations eliminate potential slashing risks.

Robust security

Single point of failure is mitigated by distributing the validator key between multiple non-trusting nodes.

New revenue stream

Earn SSV fees by participating as a network operator for maintaining validators on behalf of stakers.

Staking Services Building on SSV

Grant Recipient Xhash
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SSV for Solo Stakers

Benefits for Solo Stakers

Non-Custodial Staking

Withdrawal credentials are never shared and the validation key is kept offline - no single operator has custody or access to the validator keys.


Select and manage your preferred tech stack for your validators (geographic and client diversity).

Optimized Rewards

Validators’ keys are distributed between multiple operators to enable fault tolerances, optimized performance, and minimized slashing risks.

Superior Infrastructure

Run your validator on the robust infrastructure of the most experienced and reputable node operators in the staking industry.

Stakers looking forward to

JamesCarnley's Avatar

DVT provides a decentralized staking marketplace that lets anyone become a solo staker and makes Ethereum more reliable for everyone.

JamesCarnley.eth | Ethstaker

h.m23's Avatar

Distributing validator operations across many independent nodes is a clever way to increase beacon chain resiliency without needing to trust any node operator and keeping complete ownership of validator keys.

h.m23 | 0neinfra

Yorick's Avatar

DVT reduces the risk of downtime and slashing for node operators. For solo stakers, this gives them access to institutional-grade resilience while still retaining full control of their keys.

Yorick | CryptoManufaktur

DerFredy's Avatar

SSV empowers us to offer non-custodial ETH Staking and reduced slashing risks by means [of] Distributed Validator Technology. Thanks to DVT we are taking part in the Web3 paradigm shift.

DerFredy | DragonStake

DenverParaFlyer's Avatar

I chose because of the ability to choose and modify your set of operators [with] geo-redundancy [and] inherent slashing protection.


Jade's Avatar

SSV's technology helps promote the decentralization of Eth staking, while it's easy setup reduces the burden of node operators.

Jade | Forbole

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