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Start building apps on a secure and customizable distributed validator infrastructure.


Protocol Overview

Protocol Overview​

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts


SSV Scanner

Scanner SDK

Retrieve cluster snapshots from the contract.

Awesome SSV Github Repository

Awesome SSV Repo

Example repos of tools and applications, video tutorials, and other developer resources.


Distributor SDK

Split a validator key into key shares and encrypt them with operator keys.


Track network participants
data and performance metrics.

SSV Swagger API


Integrate network participants’ data and performance metrics into your applications.

SSV Faucet

SSV Faucet

Request SSV on the Goerli Testnet for testing purposes


Go to Immunefi

Bug Bounty

Responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities is rewarded through our Immunefi bug bounty program

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Apply for SSV grant

Grants Program

Get funded to build the future of ETH staking. The DAO has grants available for developers to build apps and tools using SSV infrastructure.

Learn how to run SSV node

Run an Operator Node

Become an operator on and generate SSV rewards for maintaining the decentralized security layer of Ethereum.

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