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About SSV Network

About <> Infrastructure for Decentralized ETH Staking is an Ethereum based community effort to develop the first secure and robust way to split an ETH staking validator key between non-trusting operators and deliver network-wide improvements for decentralization and security.

Highly customizable, SSV will be the go-to infrastructure for emerging staking services, decentralized pools and at-home validators. There is an SSV configuration for everyone, stakes large and small.

The core project and testing team is comprised of ETH staking researchers from the Ethereum Foundation, Lighthouse, Teku, Prysmatic Labs, Stakewise, Blox Staking, Consensys & many community experts. We extend an invitation to anyone who wants to join the cause!

The Team

We’re a diverse, international team with years of experience in the blockchain space and Ethereum in particular. With a proven track record from our first product, Blox Staking, we’re now building an infrastructure for better Eth staking!

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