Run SSV Node

Run a Node

The backbone of decentralized ETH staking. node operators play an essential role in providing decentralization, security, and faullt tolerance to the Etherem validation layer.

Benefits of Running a Node

New Revenue Stream

Easily setup a node, maintain decentralized validators on the network, and earn SSV tokens for your efforts

Decentralize Ethereum

Play a crucial part in decentralizing Ethereum’s validation layer by setting up a node according to your specifications


From the largest node operating services to at-home service providers, anyone can join the network

Free Market

Choose and customize your fee for operating validators and become part of a free makert of node operators

Fees & Rewards

Operators receive SSV rewards for operating validators on the behalf of stakers.
The protocol allows each operator to configure their node however they see fit and to set their own fees.

Fostering a free-market approach creates a fair and competitive landscape for staking providers, and benefits the whole ecosystem.

Revenue Calculator

Validators Managed
Yearly Fee
Per year

Easy as 1-2-3

High level instructions on how to run a node


Easily setup an operator node by installing the SSV Node on the same or different machine as your Ethereum clients


Register your operator through the web app or via a transaction directly to the smart contract


Seamlessly monitor your operator node via Grafana and troubleshoot when needed

Network Operators

Decentralized and trustless node operators are the diving force behind Ethereum’s decentralization,
They provide their services to stakers and services using to distribute validator operation.