‘Decentralized Ownership — Marketing’ Phase II

A continuation of how the ssv.network decentralizes its marketing efforts and assets. Learn how SSV implements Decentralised Marketing.

‘Decentralized Ownership — Marketing’ Phase II

Hit The Ground Running

Our plan is simple — to decentralize ownership of ALL marketing efforts and assets.

That’s the vision, that’s where we’re headed.

For Phase II we won’t be focusing on the theoretical, only on the practical. We’ll really roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We’ll hit the ground running, correct, update and optimize as we go.

After the release of Phase I, a few more prominent members stepped forward to join the cause, and now the team is growing —
Fod, Sp00kyG, BenAffleck, Yorick, h.m., Taiga, simplezen, and shawynot being the latest addition.
We’re advancing faster than we expected, but the project is still in its early stages.

What Are We Actually Doing

The Network ambassadors are leading the program as dMarketing is starting to take shape.

Notable Activity:

✺ BenAffleck’s ssv.network Weekly Digest

✺ Fod’s ssv.network Reddit page

✺ Spooky’s SSV Treasury Dune Board / Treasury overview


To keep things transparent we’ve created a Shared Activity Board where the most important tasks and initiatives will be listed and updated.

So far we’ve identified 4 areas of focus:

  • Community
  • Content
  • Design
  • Social Media

In the near future, we hope to add Videos and Infographics sections. We’ll expand as we grow.

A big community, made of different users, use cases and operators requires more structure and organization. At the moment, it is an organized to-do list with not much more than that.

The idea is to have a ‘community leader’ for each section / category who’ll help steer it in the right direction, help maintain order and prioritization.

Anyone can submit a request, and the ambassadors will add it to the task list

The Plan

The SSV DAO is still in the early, fundamental stage of its core development.

During these initial months, the DAO is mostly focusing on fundamental decisions. At the moment, the DAO doesn’t have the bandwidth to process small requests like banners or icons. We need to find a way to aggregate the smaller tasks into larger batches to justify funding.


The Ambassadors will be granted a budget to kick off the ‘dMarketing Treasury’

The funds will be used for ongoing ‘smaller’ tasks, and day-to-day execution.

The funds will also be used for long term partnerships/ deals/ providers — aka ‘Projects’.

Just like a ‘normal’ marketing team, the Ambassadors will be tasked with creating a plan and being able to follow up on it. If the activity yields positive results, more funds will be allocated, if it doesn’t live up to the expectations, we will adjust budgets accordingly. It’s up to the community to govern and grow 🙂


The Ambassador will be able to execute tasks in 3 main ways:

  • DIY — An ambassador / community member ‘takes care’ of the task
  • Delegated Bounty programs — The ambassadors will decide on the prioritization, and monitor the allocation of the bounty.
  • Delegated Contracting / Tender — Long term provider (i.e influencer, newsletter, sponsorship), decided, prioritized and governed by the ambassadors.

Once a quarter, the Ambassadors will host a live session (Youtube/ Discord) to go over the spending, plan and answer the community’s questions. These sessions will be just participants meetings.

i.e building a bounty / Tender board using canny.io or a Github tools would be a great example of a ‘Project’. Wink wink, cough cough.

Project ideas are submitted, reviewed by the Ambassadors and then passed on for a final vote on the Gnosis Multi-sig vote, just like the SSV DAO multi-sig.

Join the Cause

It’s your community, so you call the shots. We invite you to help shape the program, its functionality, scope of responsibility and incentivization.

Join and make a difference

Read the proposal and let us know what you think



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