DVT Makes a Splash at Devcon Bogota

Discover more about the SSV Devcon Bogota Hackathon: Learn about all the different DVT-based applications that were built.
ssv.network ‘DVT Makes a Splash at Devcon Bogota’

ETHGlobal’s Devcon Bogota was the biggest Ethereum conference to date, with ecosystem participants showing up in full force! This crucial conference is about everything Ethereum, from blockchain gaming to Layer 2 scaling solutions, Rollups, DVT, and beyond!

ssv.network ‘Devcon Bogota’

From the start of trustless validator pools, to the development of SSV (Secret Shared Validators) and later DVT (Distributed Validator Technology), this technology has existed shrouded in mystery. But since SSV’s first appearance at Devcon 2019, the protocol has made significant strides in transforming DVT from an unknown topic into an essential addition to the Ethereum security layer. And thanks to the decision made by the SSV Network DAO, we were able to host our first hackathon in Bogota adding builders to the ranks of our ecosystem and spreading awareness of SSV. Who knows, DVT could be centerstage for Devcon 7.

Hacking DVT at Devcon

From our humble beginnings to now representing SSV in the opening Devcon conference, the team started with a workshop presented by our VP of Product, Ariel Zimroni, and CTO, Lior Ruttenberg. These two have taken the helm in introducing the ssv.network’s decentralized infrastructure for Ethereum staking.

ssv.network ‘SSV Workshop Devcon Bogota’

After ensuring everyone understood how the SSV Network enables multiple ETH staking use cases (that inherently makes the network more decentralized and antifragile), the builders were off. And in just 48 hours, eager builders could execute fully functioning staking applications using SSV. With additional support from the team in the form of knowledge and snacks, hackathon participants took on various challenges to build their solutions.

Devcon’s first DVT Hackathon Developers

This year’s Devcon has been a major milestone for DVT, and considering the recent success of the merge, validators and Eth decentralization have become the focal point. The teams building on SSV at Bogota have been a great example of what can be done with DVT, and it’s been amazing to see what they came up with in such a short time.


ssv.network ‘FRENS Staking project’
  • The Frens.fun Submission (Demo) for building a staking-with-friends staking pool factory service (which also featured as one of 12 ETHGlobal finalists).
  • Frens helps users mitigate the risks of solo staking while bonding with their Ethereum friends. Invite friends to pool 32 ETH and spin up a Distributed Validator using SSV.
  • The team pursued building a staking pool/service hybrid grant and has already submitted their application to the SSV Network DAO.

Watch Avado present Frens at the ETHBogota closing ceremony.


  • The submission for building a staking pool contract and a backend script that generates new validators, splits the key to shares of operators set in the contract, and records their keyshares and required deposit data to the pool contract registry.
  • Factory staking pool contract uses SSV solution for validator private keys splitting (DVT) and can be integrated with any staking pool solution. Combining the complexity of key creation and key splitting in one solution.


  • This submission is for building a staking pool factory contract & interface that enables anyone to create a new staking pool (each pool represents a single validator).
  • ETH Stake Together is a dApp that allows anyone to create a staking pool with DVT/ssv to create fault tolerance and resilience validator to optimize rewards.
  • They are pursuing a staking pool grant to create the “Uniswap of staking pools” to enable anyone to create and join different staking pools.


  • The submission for building a UBI (Universal Basic Income) solution for people and organizations in Latin America to invest donor funds in Ethereum staking and distribute yield as UBI.
  • This DeFi solution focuses on implementing UBI (Universal Basic Income) for people and organizations in Latin America and using Worldcoin to prove humanity.


  • The submission for building a dead man switch protocol that acts as a savings account (leveraging Ethereum staking) with trustless fund transfer to predefined beneficiaries in case of a period with no “proof of life”.
  • It allows users to set up the fund lockup duration and how much time should run until they are considered inactive.
  • Being inactive would trigger the distribution of funds to their trusted wallets.
  • Proof of life is achieved by depositing Ether into the fund or by executing a method on the contract. Users will get reminded to interact with the contract via push Protocol.
ssv.network ‘SSV hackathon station’

Having all the teams build using SSV infrastructure has been an honor. With so many innovative solutions crossing the finish line, we’re super excited for the future of ETH staking. With various grants already in the pipeline, five new proposals were submitted by teams to continue working on their SSV-based solutions. Check out the Network’s hub and apply for a grant today!

ssv.network ‘SmashBros Tournament’

After a long day developers could clear their heads, with the SSV team hosting a Smash Tournament with loads of prizes and POAPs. Here they could chill out after a hard day in the coding forges and resupply for the next sprint.

More SSV Hackathons to Come

Since the hackathon was such a success, the SSV team has decided to host many more hackathons in the future, both on- and offline. More information on this soon. In the meantime, see what the SSV DAO and its builders have been up to!

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