ETHDenver: Get Ready for DVT

Experience the excitement of ETHDenver with the DVT Hackathon from Feb 24-Mar 1. Build innovative ETH staking applications and compete for $35K in prizes.

ETHDenver: Join the DVT Hackathon— 24 Feb

Join the team at BUIDLWeek during ETHDenver from 24 February — 1 March 2023! With the protocol’s Mainnet launch on the horizon, we are bringing out the big guns. Whether you’re a builder, a future ambassador, or just want to find out how to use Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), come say hello. We are excited to see each and every one of you at the world’s largest and longest-running ETH event! ‘ETHDenver’ Hackathon: BUIDLWeek

Calling all developers! We are full-steam ahead on expanding the ecosystem. As promised, we are executing more hackathons to increase DVT use cases built on the This will create more on-ramps to DVT , which is essential in distributing existing and future validators to help decentralize Ethereum’s consensus layer.

Thanks to the support from the SSV DAO, we’ve been able to secure a Cypher tier sponsorship for BUIDLWeek. Allowing us to give various teams and individuals a chance to build their innovative DVT-based use cases. This is a golden opportunity to build using DVT before the protocol goes live.

ETHDenver 🏔🦬🦄 on Twitter: “. @ssv_network is designed for building high-performance, secure, and decentralized ETH staking applications. / Twitter”

@ssv_network is designed for building high-performance, secure, and decentralized ETH staking applications.

Teams should get themselves ready for 6 days in the coding forges, with $35K in prizes split for each top team in every category. Builders will have loads of scope to build staking pools, tooling, or any innovative use case for DVT that supports the technology’s usage and development — LSDs, anyone?

Come build, and we’ll provide all the necessary resources (knowledge, guidance, and snacks!) for teams to get their MVPs out by the final day.


Following the vision to get 67% of staked ETH running through DVT, we have prepared our ready-to-use infrastructure for all sorts of builders. We have a selection of different bounties suited to a variety of skill sets. Participants can choose from a list of 5 types of projects relating to Eth staking, liquidity, and tooling.

  • Build a Staking Pool {$5K USDC}
  • Innovative Use Case for DVT [Open Challenge] {$2.5K USDC}
  • Build a Staking Pool {$10K USDC}
  • Build a DVT-based Staking Service {$10K USDC}
  • Resources & Tooling for the SSV Ecosystem [Open Challenge] {$2.5K USDC}

Join our last offline hackathon before the goes live! Don’t miss the opportunity to work side-by-side with our team on-site to build the next go-to staking applications for the Ethereum staking industry. Roll out with, and the wave of DVT-based applications going live alongside the protocol.

Please Note that all the additional information, relevant resources, documentation, guidelines, and how-to’s, can be found on our dedicated ETHDenver page.

Get Funded!

Can’t join our hackathon at ETHDenver? We got you. Get all the funding and support you need from our Ecosystem fund or Grants program to build your DVT-based application. As we near mainnet, we are ramping up all development efforts to promote Ethrereum decentralization and provide as many access points to our decentralized validator infrastructure as possible.

Join the 20+ teams already building various use cases on the! Including Stader, Blockscape, Swell, ChainUp, MetaPool, StakeSatar, Ankr, Moonstake, and many more to come.

Visit the Booth

To take a break from building, there are plenty of surprises that await eventgoers at the booth! Get your hands on some of our awesome SWAG, POAPs, and meet core team members that we couldn’t leave at home. Matty (Business Development), Alon (Protocol Lead), Ariel (COP), Marko (SSV DAO Hire) & Eran (COM) will all be there to help out with anything you need. And to continue the tradition we started at Devcon Bogota, we’ll have our Nintendo tournament up and running to have some fun.

Since we saw such significant participation at Devcon Bogota, we’ve decided to go even bigger this time around! More prizes, more teams, and more at stake — depending on how competitive you are. Previously we saw FRENS, a DVT-based staking pool factory, making it to the finals, and many other innovative ideas, including Goodstake, a UBI (Universal Basic Income) solution, and others. Will we see DVT on stage once more amongst the finalists?

Find out by joining our dedicated Discord channel for further announcements & support. And to find all the required information for joining the hackathon please visit our dedicated ETHDenver page.

About SSV

The is a fully decentralized, open-source, and trustless DVT Network. The protocol provides an infrastructure solution for decentralizing Ethereum validators by distributing their operation to the multiple non-trusting nodes in the network. A cluster of nodes operates validators on behalf of stakers and simultaneously helps solve the fundamental issues of centralization, redundancy, and security that exist within Ethereum’s PoS consensus.

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