Funding the Future of DVT

Join the Ecosystem Fund and help bring your DVT-based applications to market with a share of $50 million and top-tier support. ‘Funding the Future of DVT’

It is a tremendous pleasure for us to officially welcome builders to join the Ecosystem Fund. This $50 million Fund is dedicated to establishing DVT as a vital part of the Ethereum technology stack by giving builders the firepower to bring their DVT-based applications to market. To help us achieve this goal, we’ve partnered with some of the leading staking companies and VCs in the industry, including DCG, OKX, HashKey, NGC, Everstake, HackVC, GSR, Chorus.One, SevenX, 1kx, and more.

The Ecosystem Fund is the first of its kind, dedicated solely to expanding and developing DVT use cases. Partners backing up the Fund are placing a special emphasis on helping projects that support Ethereum’s decentralization over the long run as more stakers join the network. By opening up the fund and giving permissionless access to’s DVT infrastructure, we can start shifting the Ethereum narrative away from centralization.

“We believe that we are currently in a pivotal moment in ETH staking. We expect staked assets to increase as staking yields are considered the benchmark return for ETH owners. A near-term tailwind is Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade, which will be released in the first half of this year and will enable liquidity for those contributing to the network’s core infrastructure. Few teams are as well-positioned as SSV to convene the diverse and cutting-edge products and applications that are using and developing staking technology. We are excited to support those projects as a founding member of this ecosystem initiative.” Samantha Bohbot, VP of Growth for DCG.

Providing the Foundations for DVT use cases

Since day one, the protocol was developed as a permissionless and distributed infrastructural layer for Ethereum, enabling developers to build DVT-based staking applications and protocols. To do this, the team put in years of effort to help develop DV technology and make it more accessible to everyone in the staking space. A significant objective in line with reaching our vision of true decentralization is to get ±67% of staked Eth in the hands of solo stakers running DVT and DVT-based staking applications. And to do this, we need the best! ‘decentralizing the stake’’s open-source infrastructure enables developers to use the protocol’s smart contracts to build multiple use cases and applications ranging from staking services to DAO Treasuries. Allowing any existing or new Ethereum staking-based application to distribute the operation of their validators, improving security, uptime, and fault tolerance. ‘grants ecosystem’

Making Ethereum as resilient and decentralized as possible requires DVT use cases to be widespread, which is one of the key drivers for developing the as a public good. Since the start of our community-led Grants Program last year, we have allocated over $1.6 million to 20+ grantees building on the protocol. We are seeing adoption in a wide range of categories, especially staking pools, with Ankr, Stakewise, Blockscape, and others utilising the as part of their staking operations.

Seeing such a remarkable oversubscription to our grants program, we decided to partner up with industry leaders that want to promote Ethereum’s decentralization just as much as we do.

DVT isn’t just a solution for Ethereum validators. It is part of a push to decentralize all aspects of the network to create an equal and healthy ecosystem. And we are proud to be a part of it.

Why you should apply for the Fund?

Get funding and support from venture funds dedicated to assisting vetted startups in building projects that contribute to the adoption and decentralization of Ethereum Staking. Join the Ecosystem fund to:

  • Raise from top investors
  • Mentoring & Guidance
  • Grow your Brand
  • Expand your Ecosystem
  • Fund your GTM Strategy

Future Events & Hackathons

Come and join us for all of our future hackathons and events all over the world and online. In February, you’ll be able to find us at ETH Tel Aviv where protocol lead — Alon Muroch will be speaking. As well as ETH Denver, where we’ll be hosting a hackathon. For those who wish to join us in both the digital and analog realms, find us at ETHGlobal.

Help Build the Future of Staking

From our initial contributions to DVT, to running the public testnet for over 18 months, to now standing on the cusp of launching our mainnet in 2023. Our community and partners have been a catalyst in building the foundations of the, now we can repy in kind and enable builders to develop the next go-to applications for the staking industry.

Soon enough, DVT will face the test of operating in the market. And to ensure they do, we are connecting builders to the necessary infrastructure, resources, and industry leaders they will undoubtedly need to become the next Lido or Rocket Pool.

With the total ETH at stake officially reaching 16 million, most of it is concentrated in the hands of a few players. It leaves the Ethereum ecosystem demanding decentralizing solutions like DVT. Considering that the Shanghai update is approaching in 2023, there has never been a better time to build than now. Get Funded today!

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