Introduction to the Spotlight on Operators

Explore the vital roles of operators in the, a cornerstone of Ethereum's decentralized security. Discover their importance and celebrate their achievements. ‘Spotlight on Operators’

In the colorful and intricate tapestry of the Ethereum blockchain, is a unique and pivotal thread. It represents a complex pattern of decentralized security, all of which are enabled by the unsung heroes: the operators.

Join us on an educational journey as we unravel the key roles and responsibilities of these vital participants in the

Also, come celebrate the launch of the’s Mainnet Launch Operators with us during the Mainnet Call #2 as the Limited Launch goes live!


  • What are operators?
  • What is a verified operator (VO)?
  • Unleashing the VOs for Limited Launch

Operators: The Pillars of the

Imagine the as a bustling city, the heart of ETH-staking civilization. In this urban landscape, the SSV node operators (a.k.a. operators) are the builders and maintenance workers. They provide the indispensable hardware infrastructure, building on the foundations and erecting the high-rises that facilitate the workings of this vibrant metropolis.

Operators’ responsibilities go beyond mere construction. They also assume the role of city administrators, maintaining distributed validators in the network. They guarantee the city’s laws and regulations are upheld by managing the network, attestations, and block proposals, ensuring the city remains dynamic and responsive to its digital citizens.

Operators are compensated in SSV tokens for their services, with the freedom to determine their fees. This reward structure incentivizes their continuous dedication and commitment to maintaining the city’s health through a free market approach. ‘Operator fee example’

Verified Operators: Reputable and Vetted Pros

As the continues to expand, akin to a city welcoming new residents, the need for a reputable group of citizens, the ‘Verified Operators,’ becomes evident.

Being an operator is a demanding job. They manage hardware, software, and servers with ongoing technical challenges. They need to be responsive and quick to tackle issues preventing validators from losing out on rewards or getting slashed.

When creating one or more validators, there is a significant capital requirement. Therefore, you want to ensure that vetted operators are managing your validator. To simplify this process, when you go through the setup with SSV, you can choose to filter by VOs.

Verified Operators are vetted by the SSV DAO’s Verified Operators Committee. A task force dedicated to ensuring the city’s administrative responsibilities are in safe and competent hands. To find all the details surrounding the VO program have a look at the dedicated page.

The extensive selection process requires VOs to showcase their experience and expertise. Criteria include the amount of time they have spent in SSV-testnets, the number of validators they have successfully run, their performance score, and their involvement with other staking protocols. The process includes a KYC/KYB (Know Your Customer/Business) procedure to verify the company and operator’s information. ‘Verified Operator Program’

Unleashing the VOs in Limited Launch

Stay tuned for Mainnet Call #2! This event is the next step in releasing the upcoming phase of the mainnet rollout, Limited Launch. Out of the 45+ verified operators currently in the VO program, the SSV DAO selected 20 to join the Limited Launch. These operators will be our Mainnet Launch Operators. Join our Discord, and find out all you need to know about the next phase.

A Force Anyone can tap-into

Verified operators are open to everyone using the protocol. Users that want to stake directly with have the opportunity to distribute their validators between these powerhouses.

However, builders in the ETH staking space can also leverage the Verified Operators to ensure their validators are running on infrastructure that meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. By aligning with VOs, builders can unburden themselves from operational and maintenance tasks, empowering them to channel their energy into innovation and the development of their products. The makes the process of building and deploying scalable and decentralized staking applications easy.

Say goodbye to the validator complexities and resource-draining activities, as verified operators and handle the nitty-gritty, ensuring optimal efficiency and mitigating the risk of penalties and slashing.

Operators and Verified Operators — The Driving Force of the

The roles of operators and verified operators within the cannot be overstated. They are a vital driving force behind the network’s ongoing growth and stability. Whether they are providing critical hardware infrastructure, running the SSV protocol, or managing the network’s tasks, they are fundamental to the efficient operation and success of the

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, stands out for its unique distributed validator infrastructure and the integral role its entire ecosystem plays in making Ethereum more secure. These tireless individuals and teams are the backbone of the network, contributing significantly to the thriving ecosystem.

Get ready for the Future of Staking.

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