SSV community call #1 — Recap

During the's first community call we discuss everything SSV, from development to the upcoming Testnet.

SSV community call #1 — Recap

We finally hosted our first first community call on July 2nd. The call was the first occasion where most of the network’s partners and participants of the testnet got together to review everything-SSV, development status and the coming testnet launch 🚀.

Here is a quick recap for those who missed it.


  • DCG Foundry
  • Dalphi Digital
  • Ethereum Foundation
  • Lukka
  • Allnodes
  • Prysmatic Labs
  • Stakewise
  • Stakefish
  • BloxStaking


SSV tech basics

Development status

Testnet phase 2 — first rolling testet

SSV Demo

Testnet and demo

Phase 2 testnet will be live mid-July (fingers crossed). It will be a ‘rolling testnet’ i.e it will continue operating until the networks’ official launch. Phase 2 will also be completely open to anyone who wants to become an operator or a validator. For the first time, anyone will be able to stake and interact with SSV. Definitely a significant milestone for the network and the Ethereum ecosystem.

During the demo session Alon showed the entire flow from a validator perspective;

  1. Drag and drop a Keystore JSON file (the testnet support the official launchpad generated Keystore)
  2. The network smart contract then splits the key into encrypted shares and broadcasts the ‘KeyShares’ on chain
  3. The user is then led to select from a list of operators
  4. The selected operators will pick up the shares and start attesting on behalf of the user

Although a major leap forward, phase 2 is still a pretty rudimentary version of what will eventually become Upcoming changes and upgrades:

  • Multi-client support
  • External eth2 signer
  • Improve validator performance (ongoing)

Call for operators

in order for the testnet to realize its fullest potential, we need as many people as possible to use it, get involved, send us feedback etc. We need as many operators as possible to get involved. If you are great at running ETH staking infra please reach out at


last but not least, we distributed our first-ever POAP for all call participants. Lots of people requested one, early-stage participation will be rewarded 🏅

See you at phase 2 launch!