SSV Community Digest — Issue #10

Community Digest #10 is here! Check out everything that's happening in the community.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #10

By Ben Affleck

Hello Community👋, and welcome to the 🔟th edition of the SSV Community Digest</strong >🎉🎉🎉. This time we cover the incentivized testnet💰, POAP distribution💐, new DAO partners🤝, SSV [AMA]💭, Ethereum Foundation⛲, 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Validators, Vitalik Buterin, Rocketpool👨‍🚀 integration, Eth-Docker🚢 support, DAO votings🚦, and much more happy digesting😍.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #10

After intense discussions🦜 with the community, the final spec for the incentivized testnet📃 is online. If accepted✅ by the DAO, the incentivized testnet💰 will start on the 24th of January📅 and last until the 4th of April📅. Now it’s getting serious🤗!

The Ambassadors and Blox Team are hosting📢 a [AMA] Session for the Upcoming Incentivized Testnet (on Reddit 17th of January). So make sure to submit all your questions❓ by the 17th of January.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #10

If you want to learn👩‍🏫 even more about the upcoming incentivized testnet💰, and in case you missed it, here’s the recording of Community Call #5🔴 with tons of information💁‍♂️.

Although the incentivized testnet hasn’t started yet, we can literally feel the interest🚀 of the whole Ethereum community. Last week the network crossed the 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Validators mark, and we added1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣validators in the last 4 days alone🤯🤯🤯! Ensign Crusher, maximum warp! Make it so 👉.

If you’re still unsure❓ why the is so essential for the future🔮 of eth staking, the Blox Staking Team published a great article📄 about what the is, and why it is inevitable. A must-read to reinforce our mission👩‍🚀.

What is ?

Talking about staking, RocketPool🚀 has its momentum. There was a super exciting discussion on integrating SSV/DVT into RocketPool on their discord. Alon Muroch and Yorickdowne did a great job kicking this off💪! You can find a (technical) summary here.

✋ But that’s not all. Even Vitalik Buterin himself had something to say about SSV/DVT:

“I think we just want to get onto a point where it’s practical for
(i) a single user to run a DV between eg. their home and two servers
(ii) a group of friends to come together and make a pool using DVT
And there’s really easy tools for users to do things like this”
— Vitalik Buterin

Another proof🙊 that SSV/DVT is on the rise🔝 is found in the seventh edition of the EF Research Team’s AMA Series. SSV/DVT was a much-anticipated topic, with great answers💭 by the Ethereum Foundation.
Here’s a summary:

Also, the community👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 of solo stakers started to notice🔔 the and asked some great questions on r/ethstaker.

If you need data📊 to reason the need for, then @EthereumPools is a Twitter account you have to follow🙏. They ruthlessly show how much money💸 people lose with some staking pools. This was an excellent opportunity for the team to adapt their mission statement — of course, with a little wink😉.

🌏 For our Chinese speaking Community, @0xdog published a wonderful guide🐶 on Eth2.0质押黑马SSV价值分析,撸空投羊毛教程. A great example of how widespread the community already is🤩.

👉 Ben Edgington also mentioned the importance of SSV/DVT in the latest ‘What’s New in Eth2–14 January 2022’ issue. Ben also said he’s bullish on SSV/DVT and will report more about it in the future🔮.

A technical handbook on Ethereum’s move to proof of stake and beyond’📘 is another great contribution by Ben. Something you should bookmark to understand the most significant network transition in the history of computers💾. We are a part of that!

🎣 Another significant announcement📢 is coming from the DAO. Tim Beiko, from the Ethereum Foundation, is suggested as the 7th signer for the DAO’s multi-sig wallet. Tim is the facilitator for the Ethereum AllCoreDevs calls. More about Tim Beiko on his Twitter account. That’s a great deal🤝 for the! Voting opens soon🚦!

Forbole, an experienced professional operator🔧 on over 30 blockchains, including Cosmos Hub, Polkadot, Solana, and Flow, wants to join the DAO Partner Program via ‘open market’. Forbole also joined the network as a ‘verified operator’. Great having you👋!

That’s not the 🔚! With Launchnodes, we have another great operator🔧 on the Check out their guest appearance on the famous Know Your Operator Series📹 with our great hosts, Eran Efrima and Alon Muroch.

Stakin, another prominent operator🔧, published its ‘Year in Review 2021’ paper📰, but not without mentioning their involvement in SSV. A beautiful recap of the year that has passed📆.

Also, our friends from Lead Capital published an excellent article📜 on non-trusting ETH Staking Protocol and the’s path to Mainnet, which is full of insights, education, and a hopeful future🌴.

Do you recall our ‘decentralized marketing’ vision for our DAO❓ Finally, it’s becoming a reality. Eran Efrima published🥂 his second blog post on Phase II of decentralized marketing that talks about the plan and the actual mechanics🧰.

A first step is already made✅. The DAO is currently voting on a Network Grant to kick-start the decentralized marketing and recognize both the ambassador’s and partner contributions thus far. So far, this proposal has the most votes ever on a DAO decision, and we’re close to 1M SSV votes.
Go, go, go!📢📢📢

🙊 Speaking about marketing, the Binance Research page for the SSV token received some polish and is now up-to-date!

A few months ago🎬, the DAO successfully voted on formal verification of the SSV protocol👨‍🏫 by Roberto Saltini, who now requested grant payment by the DAO. This is a major milestone in standardizing SSV and IBFT.

On the tooling side👨‍🔧, eth-docker now supports running an SSV operator node. The necessary setup is minimal and allows you to choose the consensus and execution clients you prefer. Well done👏, Yorickdowne!

Puh, that’s a mouth full! Great to have you all on board!🤩

👨‍👧‍👦 Community Asks

🤔 When will the GoETH faucet be back?

To set up a validator on the testnet, you need 32+ GoETH (aka Göerli ETH). The team implemented a GoETH faucet bot on our Discord server. However, due to heavy abuse, the bot is currently disabled.

We are working on a solution. There has been quite a bit of abuse so we need to make sure that the distribution bot work well. We should have it up and running this week. With that said, there will be stricter rules for claiming goeth on a daily basis. We’ll keep you guys informed
— </em >Eran Efrima (</em >Discord)

🤔 When do I get my POAP rewards?

The team finally published a proposal to reward our active and loyal members. Have a look and share your opinion.

🚀 DAO Updates

= Accepted 🟥 = Declined 🚦 = Currently Voting 📃 = Proposal
🌟= New 🆙 = Updated = On Hold</strong >

📃🌟 POAP allocation and distribution

📃🌟 Incentivized Testnet — Final draft

📃🌟 Forbole Joining as SSV DAO Partner Proposal

📃🌟 Adding Tim Beiko as a multisig signer

📃🆙 Formal Verification of SSV Protocol

DAO curated node registry — ‘Verified Operators’ proposal

Fundamental Labs — DAO Partner Program

👨‍💻 Tools & Code

🧰 Eth-docker v1.6.9 now supports running an SSV node.

We need you 👈

Have you spotted 👓 interesting content around SSV and related topics, or did you create content yourself? Let me know and drop me a line at Any feedback is welcome.

— Ben