SSV Community Digest — Issue #12

Check out what's happening in the community with issue #12 of the community digest. Primus round 1 is here!

SSV Community Digest — Issue #12

By Ben Affleck

Hello,👋! ‘Primus’ finally arrived🛬, and first-round rewards💸 are around the corner. Also in store🧦: ‘Primus Round 1’ [AMA]🙊, UX 🆙dates, 25K Twitter followers🙏, Video Guides🎥, Grant Requests💵, Verified Operators👨‍🔧, Ukraine(🇺🇦) & Spanish(🇪🇸) Communities, + much more. Happy Digesting😍.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #12

👆 ‘Primus’, the first incentivized testnet is finally here🏁. After several iterations and severe preparation, the testnet kicked off⚽. If you haven’t been around,🔴watch the go-live during the Community Call #6.

1️⃣/5️⃣ The first out of five reward iterations is almost over and ends on Monday the 7th📅. The team will publish the first reward results soon📢. Stay tuned🎶!

🤔 If you’re still unsure how much reward to expect💰, the testnet calculator on our updated website is your go-to place👈. Also, Ambassador Fod 🖖 did a great presentation on reward distribution and mechanics during CC#6💪.

We’re pretty🦋 sure you will have questions❓ after the first round ends. That’s why we prepared the 📢[AMA#2] End of Round 1 Session on Reddit. So let us hear👂 all of your questions and feedback, so we take them in mind for the coming rounds 2️⃣/3️⃣/4️⃣/5️⃣.

👊 If you didn’t join the ‘Primus’ yet, there is still the chance to do so and participate in the remaining 4️⃣ rounds. The updated UX for validator import makes it super easy to join the ‘Primus’. You can now search for operators and apply various filters🔎, such as verified operators or DAppNodes.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #12

These efforts💪 resulted in a massive inflow of new network participants💐. Soon after launching ‘Primus’, we hit the 25Kfollower milestone on Twitter and +420 new operators(❗) in just one week🤯. If you want to get in touch🤝 with your operators of choice, we introduced a new verified operator community.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 But it’s not just validators and operators also, the partner ecosystem is exploding and we’re growing like hell🔥. Welcome, everyone🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️❗

SSV Community Digest — Issue #12

🤘 Validators are just one part of the story🎬: With a great tutorial🔴 from Yorickdowne on how to run an SSV operator on the incentivized testnet you can join in minutes⏳. If you want to get super serious, there is also a video guide on securing Grafana via SSH tunnel or a reverse proxy. This guy has it all👨‍🚀.

😎 A great example of a superb verified operator is Appload with a 1-Month performance of 98.34%🌟. Appload was a guest in the latest episode of ‘Know Your Operator’, with our great host Eran Efrima. Tune in!

💖 The heart of the is a strong DAO👨‍👨‍👦‍👦, and this DAO can’t get to sleep😴. So besides the two verified operator⚒️ applications from Ahbaay and ValiDiter, three extraordinary grant requests✅ popped in on the forum.

🥇First, Stader Labs requests a grant to implement an enhanced and decentralized staking experience for retail and institutional customers leveraging SSV infrastructure👩‍🚀.

🥈Second, a project team by x-matrix labs wants to develop a complete multi-party computation solution that significantly improves the SSV’s current signing implementation to open up a ton of new use cases and security improvements🚀

🏁Last but not least, requests a grant to implement the SSV protocol into the ETH2 Staking Pool solution, which is under active development🤘.

🥂With all these great announcements📢, growing the around the globe🌎 is a logical consequence. Last time, we announced the Turkey(🇹🇷) community channel. This time we travel✈ on and introduce our new Ukraine(🇺🇦) and Spanish(🇪🇸) community channels. 👉 Join your native-speaking community today📆!

😻 The strong momentum📈 of the created a lot of attention in the Ethereum community. Ben Edgington reported🗣 the launch of ‘Primus’ in his latest edition of What’s New in Eth2–28 January 2022. We’re on the radar🎯!

👨‍💻 To get the best out of ‘Primus’, the team released operator node version 0.1.10. This version includes a fix for the latest network issue and offers improved bandwidth + performance. Operators, please 🆙date your nodes 🛠️.

🚀 DAO Updates

= Accepted 🟥 = Declined 🚦 = Currently Voting 📃 = Proposal
🌟= New 🆙 = Updated = On Hold

Incentivized Testnet — Final draft

Forbole Joining as SSV DAO Partner Proposal

Adding Tim Beiko as a multisig signer

📃🌟 Enabling next-gen staking with SSV <> Stader

📃🌟 Development of DKG and resharing for SSV network

📃🌟 Implementing SSV into the ETH2-Staking Pool

📃🌟 Verified Operator Application Form / Ahbaay

📃🌟 DAO verified Operator status request — ValiDiter

POAP allocation and distribution

Formal Verification of SSV Protocol

DAO curated node registry — ‘Verified Operators’ proposal

Fundamental Labs — DAO Partner Program

👨‍👧‍👦 Community Asks

🤔 I wonder if there are any read-ups on how to transfer my eth out of the validator?

Withdrawal credentials uncovered with Blox Staking

🎁 Out of the Blox (Staking)

Client diversity is still a big concern on the network. Blox Staking, a vital member of the, announced adding a multi-client option in the coming weeks to help with the decentralization of ETH staking!

📅 Events & More

Want to meet Alon Muroch? Then ETHDenver (FEBRUARY 11–20), THE LARGEST AND LONGEST RUNNING ETH EVENT IN THE WORLD, is your chance! Let us know if you’re around.

ETHDenver 2022

👨‍💻 Tools & Code

⚒️ Version update 0.1.10
👉 Fix for the latest network issue
👉 Improved bandwidth + performance

Release v0.1.10 · bloxapp/ssv

We need you 👈

Have you spotted 👓 interesting content around SSV and related topics, or did you create content yourself? Let me know and drop me a line at Any feedback is welcome.

— Ben