SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

Check out our latest community call with Amber group and stay up to date with everything happening in the community.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

By BenAffleck.

It is crystal clear 🔮 that this week was an absolute highlight💡, with the Community Call #4 🤙 in its center. This issue is all about it 👇.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

But, first things first🥇: The should have its unique look & feel, something that represents our mission to keep Ethereum and all PoS chains decentralized and safe to use. For this, Adam from the Blox Staking Team provided the community with a first sneak peek of the new logo. Just wow 😍.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4
Sneak peek of the new logo.

The Community Call #4 👪 really deserved its name and was all about updates presented by Blox and the community Ambassadors. It’s a must-watch for everyone who’s genuinely passionate 🔥 about the future of SSV and Ethereum staking.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

Alright, where to start🏁? Alon Muroch finally shared the long-awaited plans for the Incentivized SSV testnet, for which the DAO allocated 32,000(🤑) SSV tokens. This was just in time with an in-depth proposal for the guidelines and rewards, explaining the distribution and airdrop🛫 mechanisms. Please share 📢 your opinion and thoughts by commenting on the forum. This is the next significant 💪 milestone for the

Hand in hand 🤝 with the incentivized testnet, the proposal for a DAO curated Verified Operators registry was published, making it clear what it takes to become a verified operator. Again, please express 📢 your opinion on the forum.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

Next up 👉, we got a bunch of updates from the DAO. We already reported on some of them in the last issue of the community digest📰.

As a first action🎬, the DAO Treasury sheet was published, giving everyone an in-detail look🔎 at the current status👛, spendings💸, and transactions🚇 of the DAO.

Once more, the DAO has spoken📢, and the multi-sig committee is currently executing the Uniswap proposal to add 1 million 💰 of liquidity for the SSV/ETH pool🚿.

But, this is not the 🔚. The is growing🌴 with more and more DAO Partners and Operators joining🙌. Besides Ethstaker, StakeWithUs, LowFeeValidation, nodesguru, Dragonstake, we also welcome, the very first CEX 💱 to join the network as an operator. Hi👋!

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

We also saw a new partner proposal for the Amber Group coming in📫, which is significant since the Amber Group is a leading global 🌏 crypto finance service provider with over $2.5 billion💵 in assets under management. In their rationale to join the as a Partner, the Amber Group wrote the following:

“We are exploring different ETH 2.0 infrastructure options and SSV is the one with the largest potentials.”
— Amber Group


Last but not least⏮, Blox and the Ambassadors gave a sneak peek at the “decentralized marketing” program📺, which is currently ramping up. The goal is to provide marketing power⚡ to the community and fully decentralize the at every layer to let the community decide on specific marketing efforts.

As a first gradual step 👟, ambassador fod#8970 presented his thoughts on a next-level Reddit representation of r/ Representing the through various channels is an essential task✔ of the community. We’d love to see and hear your thoughts💭 on questions such as “rocketpool vs. vs. solo staking”. Stay tuned🪑.

To remind us why we are all here, I’d like to point out two activities of the Ethereum community:

1️⃣, after the success of Altair, the Ethereum community now focuses on “The Merge,” with the first episode of the Merge Community Call #1 taking place last week, featuring a lot of good questions in the Q&A🦜 section at the end.

2️⃣, Dmitry (aka @zlim) published the Eth2 Validator’s withdrawal design specs as a WIP document📃. If you want to go technical and learn how “Validator withdrawal” will work, then this is your go-to place💨.

👨‍👧‍👦 Community Asks

��How to get GoETH/GöETH/Göerli?

If you wish to participate in the incentivized SSV testnet, the chances are that you need GoETH, which you can request through a support ticket. It will take 24-48h to get processed by the Team. As an alternative, try the GoETH bot of the ethstaker discord server.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4
How to get GoETH?

🤔Can I run a validator and operator at the same time?

“Sure. Totally different roles — running a validator needs nothing other than one-time following the steps with goerli Eth. Running an operator needs the infrastructure, knowledge and responsibility of managing other’s validators — a lot more work and commitment. But you are totally free to try it out.”
h.m.23 | 0NEinfra

🤔Does Blox Staking already use SSV?

“No, the SSV network is still in development and won’t be ready for another few months. But Blox Staking will be an operator within the SSV network after its launch.”

🚀 DAO Updates

📃 A new proposal to add the Amber Group as a Partner of the DAO is online and ready to take your comments.

📃 The guidelines and reward distribution proposal for the incentivized testnet is finally here. Go and share your thoughts.

📃 Wanna be a Verified Operator? Check out what it takes in the DAO curated node registry — ‘Verified Operators’ proposal.

🎁 Out of the Blox (Staking)

Congrats 🎉🍾🎊 to the Blox Staking Team on crossing 2k validators, at an average of 33 ETH per validator. That’s 66k ETH which in today’s prices is $316M! All non-custodial, all under your control 🎮!

SSV Community Digest — Issue #4

📅 Events & More


The biggest Italian event dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies takes place from November 16th to 20th, with Alon Muroch as a guest and speaker.

We need you 👈

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— Ben