SSV Community Digest — Issue #7

Community Digest #7 is here! Check out everything that's happening in the community.

SSV Community Digest — Issue #7

By BenAffleck

🎂 Happy Birthday, Beacon Chain 🙌🎉🥂! Vitalik Buterin shared his excitement on the first anniversary of our beloved beacon chain💗. What a ride🏇! And, guess what? Distributed Validator Technology (aka. SSV) made it to the top of Vitalik’s updated roadmap🤯. Enjoy, and happy digesting😍.

With Vitalik’s roadmap in mind🧠, our🤗 is proud to be the first implementation of that Distributed Validator Technology (DVT)🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚀.

You’ll find DVT (SSV) right at the 🔝 fo the roadmap, along with other critical mosaics🧩 for the merge.


💃🕺 Now that SSV becomes so prominent🌟, more and more people join the network wanting to learn about the value proposition🍱 of SSV.
🖖 Ambassador fod#8970 put together a clear value proposition statement, which we cover in the “Six Reasons why SSV is right for you 👉” section below. Mindblowing🤯!

1️⃣+1️⃣. As a result of this, the network is growing fast, and we crossed the 4,000 validator mark!🎉 The incentivized testnet🤑 is about to begin and validator performance🎭 starts to matter. Alon Muroch provided a bunch of numbers🔢 to showcase how significant the growth📈 rate is.

The Operators Call #1 that took place last week was terrific. Thanks🙏 to all operators for this great talk🦜. The call was an excellent chance for everyone to deep-dive🏄‍♂️ into the state of the network and future roadmap plans🚀.

Speaking about good operators, we had another major topic to discuss🕺 on the call📞: Validator Performance🏁.

Besides the current plan for the incentivized testnet, we were presented with many stats📊 and insight, such as the activeness of validators and average attestation🔨 rate, which already reached +93%👏.

We don’t stop here🤚. The core team released version 0.1.7 of the operator node client to increase the performance even further, and the first feedback was just great🤩:

“Wow😲! After the upgrade to 0.1.7 performance is around 99–100% on all validators registered with my operator. Good work team!” — Yura
Operator performance on the ssv.explorer

🏁 But that’s not the end. The team👪 released a major update for the explorer, which now includes validator stats and operator performance⛽! We, the Stakers (Validators), are now able to easily monitor🔎 the health of our “multi-operator” setup with a single click🥰.

On to the DAO👨‍👩‍👦‍👦…
🚦 After a successful vote✅ by the DAO, we welcome as the newest Partner of the DAO. Hello Friends👋.

Talking about the votes🏋️‍♂️, we still have some hours⏳ left to vote for Partner Group #4, including AU21,, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, NGC Ventures, Delta Blockchain Fund, and Lead Capital. Every vote counts📢! This also marks the end of batch 1 proposals🏁.

📃🌟Fundamental Labs, a venture capital firm with a lot of experience in the crypto field, added a proposal to add them as a partner of the DAO. Now that batch 1️⃣ of the Partner program is over, new partners need to apply for batch 2 of the DAO Partner Program

Ecosystem-map 6th of December 2021

6️⃣ Six Reasons why SSV is right for you 👉

— By Fod 🐱‍👤

#1 — Full control 🎮

You control the keys to your staked ETH, not just a tokenized representation that must be used (and trusted) to redeem it. You never have to expose your private keys and keep them in cold storage.

#2 — Maximize your revenue 💰

Your validator will be more effective than with any other architecture. You shouldn’t miss any attestations, proposals, or sync committees. That means higher revenue.

#3 — Lower your risks 🎲

This will be the lowest risk architecture. All nodes in your selected committee independently sign validator duties, so the risk of getting slashed is virtually zero. There are no single points of failure in terms of validator clients, cloud architectures, operators, etc.

#4 — No reward cut 🍰

No one takes a cut from your rewards, and the operating costs are expected to be very low. There will be a free market between validators and operators, and operators will be competing for your business. Switching between operators will be simple, so you can choose the best and cheapest.

#5 — Transparency 🥃

SSV will be completely transparent. Operator performance metrics, client choices, and architectures will be clearly shown. And post-Merge, MEV implementations will be transparent as well, so you’ll know that no one is stealing or taking a cut of your MEV rewards.

#6 — A healthy network 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

It’s the best staking infrastructure for the health of the Ethereum network as a whole. It will solve the current client diversity problem. It will diversify cloud infrastructures being used for staking. It will not concentrate power in any one company/service (SSV is governed by a DAO). It will promote transparency and openness among staking providers.

👨‍👧‍👦 Community Asks

🤔 What are the requirements to become a verified operator?

“You decide! Participate in the discussion around a DAO curated node registry for ‘Verified Operators’.”

🤔 What are the pros and cons compared to other staking platforms, e.g., Rocketpool and Lido?

“It’s an entirely different proposal. Rocketpool/Lido gives you a token in exchange for ETH, pools ETH, stakes ETH. SSV splits a validator key backed by 32 ETH. That means SSV (the tech) can be plugged into Lido, or Rocketpool for that matter. If those pools decide they want to.”
Yorick |

🚀 DAO Updates

= Accepted 🟥 = Declined 🚦 = Currently Voting 📃 = Proposal
🌟= New 🆙 = Updated

XT — DAO Partner Program proposal

🚦 Strategic Partners / Growth Partners

🚦 AU21 Proposal to join Dao Partner Program

🚦 / Gate Ventures — DAO Partner Program proposal

🚦 OKEx Blockdream Ventures — DAO Partner Program proposal

🚦 NGC Ventures — DAO Partner Program proposal

🚦 Delta Blockchain Fund — DAO Proposal

🚦 Lead Capital — DAO Partner Program proposal

📃🌟 Fundamental Labs — DAO Partner Program

📃 The guidelines and reward distribution proposal for the incentivized testnet are finally here. Go and share your thoughts.

📃 Wanna be a Verified Operator? Check out what it takes in the DAO curated node registry — ‘Verified Operators’ proposal.

🎁 Out of the Blox (Staking)

u/omerxman kicked off an interesting discussion🙊 about some security concerns with blox staking. Besides the typical FUD, some great answers popped in, satisfying the OP, who personally said thank you to the team. If you want to go deep down the rabbit hole, this thread is for you and gain extra trust in the team behind the blox staking and the

🔴 Videos & Podcasts

Operators Call #1. Thank you🙏 to all companies and operators for a great talk! The call was an excellent chance for everyone to deep-dive into the state of the network and future roadmap plans🚀.

👨‍💻 Tools & Code

Version 0.1.7 of the SSV operator node client was released. Please 🆙date your nodes.

Release v0.1.7 · bloxapp/ssv

📅 Events & More Community Call #5 (TBA)

Launching the incentivized testnet is around the corner, and we’ll hold a community call for this major milestone🏆. So make sure to ring the bell🔔 on our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the announcement.

We need you 👈

Have you spotted 👓 interesting content around SSV and related topics, or did you create content yourself? Let me know and drop me a line at Any feedback is welcome.

— Ben