SSV DAO Proposal Batch [3]

Explore's thrilling DAO Proposals Batch [3]: Permissionless Mainnet Upgrade & VOC Extension. Vote now to shape the future of ETH staking! ‘SSV DAO Proposals Batch [3]’

Are you ready, SSV Community? The moment the ecosystem has been waiting for three years is finally here! This is a very exciting batch, with [DIP-14] marking the start of a monumental milestone for, upgrading to Permissionless. The third batch of proposals is now live on Snapshot and ready for voting.

This blog post will give you an overview of the latest proposals that are now live for voting.

Batch [3] DAO Proposals Overview:

[DIP — 14] Permissionless Mainnet Upgrade

The is on the verge of a groundbreaking transition towards a permissionless system — an extraordinary milestone in the decentralization of ETH staking. This shift signifies a giant leap towards inclusivity and accessibility, empowering every validator to become a crucial part of the Ethereum ecosystem without being tethered to specific service providers and (later) node operators as well.

This achievement represents a monumental step in the SSV journey, solidifying as a dynamic, open, and community-governed ecosystem. The transition to a permissionless network will unfold in two phases by deploying a new version of the smart contract.

Phase 1: Enabling permissionless access for validators
This upgrade will allow for unrestricted access to the for validators to distribute their keys to node operators of their choice.

Phase 2: Enabling permissionless access for operators
The execution of the phase 2 upgrade will happen once the DAO Multi-Sig Committee has ensured the adequate safety and operation of the, and proper stress testing was done by all involved parties.

Why This is Crucial:
Unrestricted access for validators and, subsequently, operators.
– Propelling the rapid growth and widespread adoption of distributed validator technology (DVT).
– Fostering more engagement from a myriad of entities within the Ethereum ecosystem.
– Further increase TVL by allowing any validator or node operator to join. ‘mainnet TVL’

[DIP-9] Verified Operator Committee Extension Proposal

The Verified Operators Committee (VOC) plays a crucial role in the SSV Network and SSV DAO by streamlining operator verification and reducing overhead. Recognizing the growing importance of the SSV.Network, this proposal advocates extending the VOC’s mandate and budget. The proposal covers a budget extension to 6,000 SSV, an indefinite timeframe extension, and outlines responsibilities, including member admission/discharge methods. New VOC members are proposed, and compensation of 1,500 USD in SSV per member per month is suggested, with adjustments based on SSV price.

Why This is Crucial:
The Verified Operators Committee (VOC) holds immense significance for the SSV.Network and DAO, streamlining operator verification and minimizing inefficiencies. As the SSV.Network gains broader recognition, extending the VOC’s mandate and budget is paramount to onboard more Verified Operators and support validators joining the network.

This proposal emphasizes the need for a robust framework, efficient member management, and adequate compensation, ensuring the VOC’s effectiveness in maintaining high operator standards. Allocating a budget and extending the operational timeframe underscores the commitment to optimizing the VOC’s vital role in ensuring the integrity and reliability of the SSV Network.

Play your part in Decentralizing Ethereum

This batch of proposals has important implications for the protocol. Use this opportunity to be a part of the DAO and cast your votes on Snapshot. For those unable to vote or struggling to make a decision, remember that the Karma delegation dashboard is online, and you can delegate your voting power to a delegate of your choosing.

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