SSV DAO Updates: Issue #1

We’ll bring you back up to speed with all the relevant grants, proposals, and SIPs in the DAO.

SSV DAO Updates: Issue #1 ‘SSV DAO Updates’

In the first issue of the SSV DAO Updates, we’ll bring you back up to speed with all the relevant happenings in the DAO.


Strategic partnerships with the have allowed the protocol to accrue an estimated $10 million, which has been earmarked for development grants. As it stands, the DAO has committed over $1 million to grants from various established projects in the ecosystem.

Since the end of Primus, the DAO has seen a steady stream of grant applications rolling in as the core team continues to improve the DVT infrastructure. In this period, we’ve had various grant calls with prospective builders that wanted to — and some that eventually did — build different staking applications using infrastructure.


Have a look at all the grant calls that were facilitated by the Grant Committee during the period:

Swell Network — Permissionless, non-custodial liquid staking protocol

Rated — Observability & API for Prater

Ankr — ETH 2.0 Liquid Staking with Multi-Option Synthetics

XHash — XHash Staking Service

Blockscape — Institutional Liquid Staking for SSV Operators

Grants in Execution

Grants are essential to the continued growth of the network and since the initiation of the grants program the DAO has committed grants to 12 projects that are working to improve or build on the network infrastructure. Below are the various grants which are currently in the execution phase. In every following issue, we’ll keep you updated about new grants that enter this phase.

SSV DAO Updates: Issue #1 ‘Grants in Execution’

For more information about previous grants and those on the way, follow the DAO grants page to see all the activity surrounding the network’s grant applications.


Besides the builders, check out the discussions of our latest proposals and SIPs(SSV Improvement Proposals) the community has been working on. Like the one where we’ll be sponsoring DevCon Bogota’s Hackaton this year!

Some of the most important proposals the community has been working on recently concern expanding the network’s dMarketing (decentralized marketing) efforts.

Following the success of our top dLeaders, the DAO has decided to reward them and allocate a marketing budget for the commitment and time spent moving the community forward.

Join the ambassador program if you believe in what we’re doing and want to support the protocol’s efforts.

Token holders

As the number of SSV token holders increases, the network governance becomes more distributed. Token holders play a critical part in the ecosystem by voting on proposals that ensure the enhancement of the network for everyone. On Snapshot, we’ve seen a steady increase of members, currently standing at 221 with a 15% average participation rate in votes since the start of the year (which is decent considering most other DAO participation rates).

SSV DAO Updates: Issue #1 ‘Dune Analytics Dashboard’

At this stage, there are 1,401 addresses holding SSV! This number has steadily increased as more operators, community members, and other participants join the network. Take part in the future of staking and help shape the network.

For more token holder info, check out our Community Dashboard on Dune to see how the network steadily expands.

Operator Calls

During the recent call with the network’s operators, we discussed everything from the V2 testnet to MEV, Forks, and what operators can expect next.

Tools & Code:

Play a Part in the Future of ETH Staking

Now that Shifu is open for public testing, anyone can join the network and see how the network’s DVT infrastructure works. With the increase of participants, we’ll need all the community input we can get to direct the network to its place in the future of ETH staking. That said, if you want to build, become a dLeader, or just learn more about how the works, check out the DAO page | Community Hub | Website.