How To Stake SSV on Primus Testnet

Staking with SSV in your wallet will improve rewards. Check out how to start staking!

How To Stake SSV on Primus Testnet
How to Stake SSV — Primus Testnet —

Why Stake SSV on Primus?

Primus testnet enables its participants to be rewarded with SSV tokens for running operators and validators and help us get ready for mainnet.

Wallets participating in the testnet that are also holding SSV tokens are eligible for the largest portion of the reward pool (in pink):

How To Stake SSV on Primus Testnet

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When registering an operator or a validator, a user uses a wallet to sign the registration transaction.

By holding SSV token in your registration wallet, the user will be eligible to an allocation from the largest reward pool (allocation A):

  • Allocation A: 6,400 SSV tokens (50%) for validators which registered with an address holding SSV
  • Allocation B: 1,920 SSV tokens (15%) for all validators (registered with addresses holding / not holding SSV
  • Allocation C: 2,240 SSV tokens (17.5%) for verified operators (including dAppnodes)
  • Allocation D: 2,240 SSV tokens (17.5%) for all operators (verified and not verified)

In the example below you will find a reward allocation comparison from ‘Round 1’ for users with only 1 validator holding anywhere between 0 SSV to 4,910 SSV

There is about a 180% difference between staking and non-staking users!

How To Stake SSV on Primus Testnet

The staked SSV are in your own wallet, under sole control. There is no need to send your tokens to a smart contract. This means that you can opt in and out at any moment.

Get SSV Tokens

There are a few ways to get your hands on SSV tokens


How to Track Reward Allocation & Eligibility

We have developed a few tools that allow you to track your future reward allocation as well as your reward eligibility for each round. Note that both are still under development so there might be some inaccuracies. If you spot anything that might be out of order, reach out to the community over Discord.

To estimate your future reward allocation use the calculator in this link.

To see if you are eligible to receive reward in a specific round, visit the explorer and search your validator.