SSV Token Upgrade is Here

The new SSV token upgrade is here! You can now upgrade your CDT to SSV tokenWe’re thrilled to announce that following

The new SSV token upgrade is here!
You can now upgrade your CDT to SSV token

We’re thrilled to announce that following yesterday’s successful multi-sig committee, where all six participants signed using the upgraded smart contract, where the first SSV tokens were minted by the
Check out the first SSV Committee Call we held yesterday.

How To Upgrade My Tokens?

All you need to do is connect your wallet and deposit your CDT to the smart contract. As a reminder, you will then receive SSV tokens in a 1:100 ratio directly to your deposit address (100 CDT = 1 SSV).

The process is simple and straightforward, in case you need further details, you can follow the guides we created:

Video Guide

You can also follow the FAQ at the bottom of the upgrade page for more information

Please make sure you use the correct URL for upgrading your CDT! Double-check the URL is the correct one:

Also, please make sure that the smart contract you’re interacting with is the correct one: 0x2bf73A478cc6a7bA4E6758A3A52AbDc8CDBa735E

In case you still need to refresh your memories, last week the SSV DAO agreed on upgrading CDT tokens to SSV, paving the way for the successful mint that took place. If you want to read more about our future plans with the SSV token, read our latest blog post.

You can reach the team on Discord if you still have questions