Introduction to Spotlight on Launch Partners & Grantees

Explore how SSV network's Launch Partners & Grantees forge the future of ETH staking with a dynamic ecosystem & robust validator infrastructure. ‘Spotlight on Launch Partners & Grantees’

Building a protocol with a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem is no easy feat. It requires dedicated teams, good technology, and a willingness to transform the staking landscape. The SSV DAO Grantees (a.k.a builders) are vital to the ecosystem. Together, they help create the network effect that will solidify DVT as the critical staking infrastructure that it is.

This post will teach you why the SSV DAO grantees are essential for the ecosystem, why the Launch Partners are DVT pioneers, and also take a deeper look into the brand-new Builders Hub.

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss out on Mainnet call #3, get informed on crucial network updates, info about the launch phase, and where SSV goes from here.


  • Turning a protocol into an ecosystem
  • Where did the Launch Partners come from?
  • Meet the Launch Partners
  • See the new Builders Hub

From Protocol to Ecosystem

The Launch phase is the culmination of 2 years of ecosystem building. Since the protocol’s inception, was developed for builders. The reason for this is simple: network effect. By creating an easy-to-use, scalable, and decentralized platform that takes care of validator infrastructure, builders can develop diverse on-ramps to DVT-powered ETH staking. More DVT-based staking applications = more adoption.

By providing the necessary infrastructure, builders can focus on their distinct products and cater to the numerous segments inside the ETH staking industry. Working hand in hand with developers and the ETH staking community, the is launching a protocol and an entire ecosystem.

The Launch Partner Journey — A prelude to progress

One of the crucial functions of the SSV DAO is to develop and support a healthy ecosystem. The Grants Program is a community-driven initiative, strategically allocating resources to empower development teams to craft cutting-edge decentralized staking applications and services.

This function is headed by the grants committee (GC). GC members are trusted by the community to evaluate and allocate grants that best reflect the community’s interests. These members are all SSV experts with solid knowledge of Ethereum and the wider staking ecosystem. ‘Grants Program’

This program aims to catalyze, expedite, and invigorate the progress and innovation driven by developers forging the path using robust validator infrastructure. Since the initiation of the Grants Program, there have been 90+ applications. From these, 46 have been accepted, and just under $3 million has been allocated to creating the next go-to staking applications and services.

Meet the SSV Mainnet Launch Partners ‘Mainnet Launch Partners’

Stader, Ankr, Stakestar, 01node, Metapool, StakeTogether, XHash, Chainup, Coindelta, Claystack.

It’s been an amazing journey so far! The Launch Partners (LPs) are some of the long-standing grantees that have worked with — some since 2021. These teams have committed to lunching in parallel with as an essential part of the ecosystem and to show everyone what DVT can do.

The launch phase was initiated on 14 September, with LP staking applications going live asynchronously until Permissionless launch later in Q4 (pending DAO approval). Since the start of the Launch phase, over 10K ETH has been secured by the with only a handful of applications.

The All New Builders Hub

In just two short years, the SSV ecosystem has witnessed explosive growth. To help acquaint newcomers and the wider community with all the different builders, the Builders Hub was created. The Hub is both a source of inspiration and a testament to the incredible potential of building on

The Builders Hub serves as a virtual window into the heart of the decentralized revolution. It is your one-stop shop to explore the groundbreaking applications that are being built on infrastructure. Anyone passionate about blockchain technology can gain insights into the applications leveraging’s DV tech that is reshaping the staking landscape of Ethereum. ‘Builders Hub’

The Builders Hub isn’t just a static repository of projects; it’s a dynamic platform where partner applications shine. You’ll discover a treasure trove of information, from links to their websites and insightful blogs to exclusive interviews with the visionaries behind these transformative projects. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation within the community, where builders and enthusiasts converge to fuel Ethereum’s evolution. ‘Builders Hub’

Whether it’s a staking pool, staking as a service, tooling, or any other staking application, this hub unveils the true potential of in catalyzing a new era of distributed staking. Join the builders on this exciting journey, where every application represents another step towards a stronger, more robust Ethereum ecosystem.

Building the Future of ETH Staking

As more Launch Partners and Grantees go live, more TVL will be secured by The exciting thing is that as time goes on, the rest of the 30+ grantees’ applications and services will go live as well. Come and join the staking revolution!

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