Launching The SSVdivers Ambassador Program

Join the SSVdivers! Discover the ins and outs of the SSV Network's latest Ambassador Program. Find out all you need to know inside. ‘SSVdivers Ambassador Program’

Attention SSV Citizens!

Do you dream of an Ethereum brimming with Prosperity and Decentralization? Then listen up! Because the is looking for YOU to join the elite squad of SSVdivers to help shape the future of staking!

SSV is about Decentralization for the whole Ethereum network, and it ain’t gonna build itself! The DAO needs brave pioneers like you to spread the word about SSV from China to Texas (and all points in between).

Applications are open, and The DAO is looking for the most enthusiastic recruits. If you’ve got the guts and want the glory, apply now!


This post provides a comprehensive overview of the SSV Network Ambassador Program (SSVdivers Program). The SSVdivers Program is a community-driven initiative to empower passionate individuals to promote and represent the project. Learn more about the program’s significance, structure, how to join, benefits, and impact on the SSV community & protocol. Let’s dive in!

Become an SSVdiver

Both the SSVdivers and SSV Network benefit from a strong ambassador program. SSVDivers can earn perks and rewards for their efforts while SSV Network benefits from expanding it’s scope through the program.

The big picture is to make the DAO an independent entity, fully functioning and self-sustained by the community. Each person, regardless of their skills and roles, has the capability to make a lasting impact. Various Committee members currently in the DAO started off as ambassadors. Through consistent effort and a shared north star, they have become essential contributors and leaders in the DAO. For ambassadors who believe in the mission, the sky is the limit!

Due to the current capacity of the program, the amount of fully fledged SSVdivers will be capped at 12 individuals. New recruits will be accepted in waves of 3–4 applicants for each wave throughout the year. This means applications will open and close several times in the year; keep an eye out on Twitter and Discord for updates. ‘Become an SSVdiver’

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

The responsibilities of SSVdivers are diverse, reflecting the multifaceted nature of community advocacy. For example:

  • Rally the Troops: Host online meetups, connect with local blockchain heroes, and throw some stellar think tanks.
  • Become a Content Commando: Create impactful and educational content about SSV. Use videos, blogs, memes, carrier pigeons with messages tied to their legs — whatever gets the message out!
  • Keep the Peace: Help the community moderate DAO social media channels. Be on the lookout for nefarious entities and phony personas lurking in the shadows. Make the SSV online space a bastion of innovation, kinship, and informed discussion.
  • Speak the Queen’s Galactic: Help translate SSV’s messages to every corner of the universe. Leave no community behind!

Ownership! — Personal Projects

As an SSVdiver, you’ll be tasked with a significant personal project to manage and be responsible for as long as you are an SSVdiver of the SSV Network. This is your chance to make a personal mark on the SSV community and contribute to its growth in a meaningful way. The project will be a part of your ambassadorship, and you’ll be responsible for it throughout your time as an SSVdiver.

Examples of personal projects could include:

  • Run a podcast about SSV.
  • Leading one of SSV Network’s local communities.
  • Managing and growing an SSV subreddit.
  • Managing hackathons and meetups.
  • Creating and running a YouTube channel about SSV.

Go beyond the known universe!

The DAO encourages you to get creative, leverage your unique skills and interests, and propose a project you’re truly passionate about. Once you have a project in mind, outline a plan for 2024. This will help the DAO understand your vision and how you plan to achieve it.

The Spoils of War for Decentralization:

Get Rewarded for making an impact! SSVdivers can get special perks for their impactful contributions to the and DAO.

  • Be a Legend: Earn recognition in the SSV community and become an ambassadorial rockstar!
  • Swag Fit for a Hero: Get your hands on limited-edition SSV merch.
  • Join the Battalion: Become a meaningful contributor to the DAO. SSVdivers who show their worth can become drivers of the community by becoming delegates.
  • Hang with the Generals: Obtain direct channels of communication with the ssv labs core team.
  • Level Up Your Skills: Get tools and resources from SSV experts to become the ultimate staking intelligence.

Listen up, SSVdivers! Each of you has the potential to earn $SSV rewards. The haul is based on the XP you rack up each month through a dedicated Zealy dashboard. Get ready to cash in on your efforts because the XP counter resets with the dawn of each new month.

SSVdiver Enrollment

The 6 steps to become, an SSVdiver: ‘SSVdiver Enrollment steps’

Disqualification from the Program

  • SSVdivers face expulsion if they consistently neglect their duties, exhibit inappropriate behavior, violate agreements, provide false information, or fail to engage positively.

SSVdivers are not just recruited — they are nurtured into a new driving force for the protocol! From enlistment onwards, the DAO team and fellow comrades will support you, offering guidance as you evolve into a force to be reckoned with. Through shared missions and mutual support, you’ll emerge as a fully-fledged SSVdiver, driving the SSV mission forward and shaping the destiny of decentralization across Ethereum. ‘Join the SSVdivers’

Earn Your Stripes — Enlist Today!

Applications are open! Join the SSVdivers today and start shaping the future of decentralized staking. Important note: From mid-April to the beginning of May, response times may vary due to the holiday season.

Follow SSV Network on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Discord to stay updated on the SSVdivers Program. Remember, applying doesn’t guarantee acceptance, but hey, an enthusiast’s gotta dream big!

Disclaimer: The SSVdivers Program is open to all SSV enthusiasts. Applications will be evaluated based on various factors, and only the most qualified candidates will be contacted. But that shouldn’t stop you from applying — after all, courage is its own reward!

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