SSV DAO Updates: Issue #2

Explore the latest SSV DAO Updates: new developer grants, vital proposals, and impressive growth in the SSV staking ecosystem. Keep abreast of the transformative changes. ‘SSV DAO Updates’

Welcome to the second issue of the SSV DAO Updates. Stay in the loop with everything from exciting new developer grants to important proposals and more!


As it stands, the DAO has committed over $1.6 million to grantees from various projects working in the staking industry. These grants have been awarded to projects working on the various grant opportunities that the DAO has made available.

Grants Ecosystem

The SSV ecosystem has seen some thrilling growth since the last issue, with 7 new grants approved for execution, bringing to total grants up to 21. Below are various grants which are currently in the execution phase. In every issue, we’ll keep you updated about new grants that enter this phase. ‘grants ecosystem’

For more information about grants and those on the way, follow the DAO grants page to see all the activity surrounding the SSV’s grant applications.

DevCon Bogota was SSV’s first official hackathon, and thanks to the decisions made by DAO, we were able to show up in full force.

Winners of the Devcon Bogota Hackathon:

  • FRENS (ETHGlobal Finalist) — staking pool factory contract
  • Garuda — staking pool contract and a backend script
  • StakeTogether — staking pool factory contract and backend script
  • GoodStake — a Universal Basic Income (UBI) solution
  • Wealth3 — a dead man switch protocol that acts as a savings account ‘Devcon Bogota Hackathon’


Have a look at all the grant calls that the Grant Committee has facilitated since the last issue:

Casimir — Staking Pool

Hellman — Monitoring System


While builders expand the SSV ecosystem, the DAO has also passed a few very significant proposals to improve the structure and flow of important decision-making inside the DAO.

  • DAO Genesis Committee Formation — One of the most important proposals to date will see the formation of the ‘DAO Genesis Committee’ (dGC). The committee links the needs of the community, the protocol core team, and the DAOs participants. The dGC works alongside the protocol core team to define the DAO’s vision, mission, and goals and develops a path to the DAO’s independence and long-term sustainability by managing performance and working groups.
  • Verified Operator (VO) Committee — The process of opting to become a VO is moving from a manual process to one delegated to a specifically chosen working group. This working group has an established framework to add a new verified operators, including clear and meaningful benchmarks to help evaluate applicants’ suitability.
  • Multisig Committee — The SSV DAO multisig committee acts as the safe keeper of the DAOs treasury and provides checks and balances for votes passed by the community. In its current state, the DAO requires a more professional, highly involved body of custodians to execute treasury-related decisions. This proposal will help solidify the multi-sig committee’s responsibilities, compensation, members, and work procedures.
  • New Integration specialist — The SSV DAO has hired a new member that will be responsible for integration success, spreading the SSV gospel, and playing a part as a documentation lead.

Operator Call

During November, we had our second operator call, an important get-together for operators to discuss all the latest updates to the network and the last few milestones before mainnet, including the release of the official node specification.

Tools & Code:

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