Learn who is Building
on SSV Network


  • InceptionLRT

    InceptionLRT is an omnichain liquid restaking protocol, offering both native and isolated restaking.

  • ether.fi

    Liquid Restaking on Ethereum

  • Eigenpie

    Eigenpie is a SubDAO offering Isolated Liquid Restaking Services.

  • Puffer

    Anti-Slashing Native Liquid Staking

  • Rated Network

    Beacon Chain validator ratings.

  • RockX

    Start staking the right way.

  • Shard Labs

    Solving real-world problems using blockchain technology.

  • Spectrum Staking

    Reliable & secure blockchain validation services managed by SRE professionals.

  • Stader Labs

    Infrastructure for Staking.

  • Stafi Protocol

    Staking Derivatives of staked asset.

  • Stake That!

    Proof-of-stake node operators since 2018.

  • Stakely.io

    Non-Custodial Staking Platform.

  • Stakewise

    Eth2 staking made effortless.

  • Stakewith.us

    Secured yield solutions for crypto asset investors.

  • Stakin

    Non-custodial staking for Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

  • StakingCabin

    Passive Income on Digital Assets.

  • Stardust Staking

    Secure, low fee, and trusted non-custodial provider on POS protocols.

  • Stereum

    Highly specialized provider for ethereum related services.

  • Wetez

    Staking Economy- Earn Reward by Staking.

  • XT.com

    The World’s First Social Infused Exchange.

  • Ebunker

    A non-custodial open-source Ethereum staking pool.

  • blockshard

    Blockshard is a reliable and secure staking service provider.

  • P2P

    P2P provides secure, non-custodial staking services.

  • Forbole

    Blockchain validators, builders, contributors, your trusted partner in the future of decentralization.

  • Foundry

    Empowering a decentralized infrastructure.

  • fragment

    Providing blockchain infratsructure services.

  • Frens

    With Frens you can stake with your friends.

  • Gate.io Ventures

    Your Gateway to Cryptocurrency.

  • Hashkey Cloud

    Professional Staking+ Ecosystem Service Provider.

  • Huobi Pool

    Web3 research institute focusing on DAO, NFT, ETH and Layer2. Actively involved in Ethereum POS direction.

  • Infstones

    Decentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform.

  • Kiln

    The Staking As A Service Platform.

  • Launchnodes

    Ethereum Staking Specilists.

  • Lido

    Simplified and secure staking for digital assets.

  • LowFeeValidation

    Low Fees. Transparent. Secure.

  • Lukka

    Solving the most complex crypto and blockchain data challenges.

  • Lux8

    Infinite Lux Crypto Service. Try the future. Feel the freedom. Choose crypto.

  • Moonlet

    We operate nodes for next-generation blockchain networks; committed to decentralisation.

  • Moonstake

    Get Staking Rewards Safely.

  • NGC Ventures

    VC focused on investing in blockchain industry.

  • NodesGuru

    Stake your tokens and get rewards.

  • OKEX ventures

    The cryptocurrency exchange with the most options.

  • Posthuman

    More than Just a Validator.

  • Anonstake

    A non-custodial validator infrastructure for anyone.

  • AU21 Capital

    Backing the most brilliant founders in blockchain.

  • AUDIT.one

    Validators of Today, AUDITors of Tomorrow.

  • Avado

    Plug-and-play staking soluton.

  • Blockscape

    Take Control of Your Delegations.

  • Casimir

    Simple self custody and non-custodial ethereum staking.

  • Chainlayer.io

    We invest in the future of Fintech.

  • Chainode Tech

    Evaluation through innovation and visionary technology.

  • Coinbase ventures

    An investment arm of Coinbase, investing in early-stage crypto and blockchain startups.

  • Consensys

    Unlock Web3. Build on Ethereum. Collaborate worldwide.

  • CryptoManufaktur

    Trusted Blockchain Infrastructure in a Trustless World.

  • CVJointOps

    Passionate about decentralized staking.

  • DAppNode

    Infrastructure for the decentralized world.

  • DCG

    The epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

  • Delight

    Technical leadership in blockchain technologies, supporting the decentralized ecosystem.

  • DSRV

    Distributed. Served. Your Easiest acess to Blockchain.

  • Ethereum Foundation

    (EF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ethereum and related technologies.

  • EthStaker

    Community for for the Ethereum Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.

  • Everstake

    Help institutional investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets.

  • FileDrive Labs

    Decentralized Storage Solutions for Web 3.

  • ChainUp

    ChainUp is a global leading end-to-end blockchain solutions provider and a powerhouse for white-label exchanges.

  • Stakestar

    Stakestar is a joint team of established blockchain validators and developers that built Stakestar.

  • ClayStack

    ClayStack offers a decentralized, scalable, and highly secure ETH-LSD ensuring geographical distribution of its NOs.


    XHASH is established by SpiderPool team provides Non-Custodial Ethereum Staking service and Liquid Staking solution.

  • Meta Pool

    Liquid Staking dapp that mints mpETH (non-rebase token) representing staked ETH plus rewards, increasing every second.

  • Stake Together

    Social Staking Protocol allows users to stake Ethereum and support their favorite projects while earning incentives.

  • 01node

    01node: Empowering the future of blockchain through secure infrastructure solutions.

  • Coin Delta

    Coin Delta provides a blockchain platform for infrastructure needs, offering non-custodial staking.

  • Ankr

    Ankr is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider that helps developers, decentralized applications, and stakers.

  • Hellman

    Hellman is a Web3 research institute focusing on Layer1, PoS, ETH, and is actively involved in SSV.NETWORK.

  • NodePlus

    NodePlus is a Prove of Stake (PoS) infrastructure service provider.

  • Nexus Network

    Economic layer for rollups: Nexus Network enables rollups to earn yields on assets locked in rollup bridges.

  • DragonStake

    Professional PoS Validators on the most important networks since their genesis blocks.

  • Randamu

    The team behind drand - we focus on using threshold cryptography to build a more efficient web3 ecosystem.

  • LZero

    LZero provides a platform for easily setting up private SSV-enabled Ethereum networks on-demand.

  • HAL Collective Inc

    Turn smart contracts into APIs. Implement Web3 notifications for your users.

  • RockLogic GmbH

    We do node operation for the Ethereum blockchain based on our own, constantly evolving open source software Stereum.

  • 0neinfra

    Simple, secure and sustainable decentralized ETH Staking.

  • Allnodes

    Allnodes is a non-custodial platform for all of your Hosting and Staking needs.

  • Amber Group

    Your gateway to Crypto finance.



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