SSV DAO Updates: Issue #3

Explore the latest SSV DAO Updates featuring ecosystem grants, ETHDenver hackathon insights, and pivotal proposals shaping the path to a fully autonomous DAO. ‘DAO Updates’

Welcome to the latest issue of the SSV DAO Updates! Since the last update, the DAO has been jam-packed with ecosystem initiatives as well as major improvements to the internal structure. Have a look and vote on the various new proposals that are gearing up the DAO for fully decentralized autonomy and stay in the loop with everything from exciting new developer grants and more!

Growing the Developer Ecosystem

The DAO has continued with a strong emphasis on expanding the developer ecosystem through various new initiatives. With more builders in the ecosystem providing access points to DVT the network effect can start to spread and support Ethereum’s validation layer.

The Ecosystem Fund

First and foremost, the establishment of the $50 million Ecosystem Fund. A first-of-its-kind fund made up of top investors in the industry, dedicated solely to the expansion of DVT use cases. If you’re a builder and want to play a part in the future of ETH Staking, find the support you need and Get funded!


The Grants ecosystem has also continued expanding with 6 new grants approved for execution, bringing the total grants up to 27. Below are various grants which are currently in the execution phase. For a more granular look into the developer ecosystem going into 2023, see the first Developer update composed by DAO’s latest hire, Marko. ‘Grants Ecosystem’

Want to apply for a grant? For more information about grants and those on the way, follow the DAO grants page to see all the activity inside the ecosystem.


Since the success of’s first official hackathon at Devcon Bogota, the DAO has gained significant traction to continue these initiatives. As we speak, a selection of the core team and DAO members are supporting builders at ETHDenver to build all sorts of new and innovative use cases using ready-to-use DVT infrastructure. To find more information, relevant resources, documentation, guidelines, and how-to’s, have a look at the dedicated ETHDenver hackathon page. ‘ETHDenver Hackathon’

2023 is the year goes to Mainnet! To increase DVT awareness and promote use cases the technology needs to be made more accessible to all users. One of the best ways to raise awareness of the cause is through offline events. To this end, the DAO has devised a budget for all events and hackathons for Q1 & 2. Come and join us at any of the events and take the opportunity to learn and build with experts in DVT.


While builders continue to expand the ecosystem, DAO members have been working on some very significant proposals to improve the structure and flow of decision-making inside the DAO. As moves closer to Mainnet the goal is to have the SSV DAO become completely autonomous. To achieve this goal many important structural adaptations need to be made and the right individuals need to be put in the right places. The following are the latest proposals that affect the future of the DAO and will lay the foundations for the DAO as it moves forward.

  • Incorporation of the SSV DAO’s Foundation — This proposal suggests the incorporation of a foundation for the DAO. Entering 2023, the DAO’s share of responsibility and autonomy is only expected to increase. A significant portion of the DAO’s activities can not be limited to only the online realm. A Foundation is a legal structure that will execute DAO decisions, specifically ones that require “meatspace” operations. It will further provide the DAO’s members and contributors with a legal wrapper intended to provide assurances and protection from the possible risk of being associated with every action performed by the DAO.
  • DAO Vision & Purpose — As part of the DAO Genesis Committee formation (discussed in Issue #2) members have outlined the mission, values, and aspirations for the future. Doing this helps align all of the participants into DAO and creates the cornerstones of the
  • DAO Constitution — It describes the principles of how we create a clear structure for the DAO and how we work together. The DAO is considering a Holacracy since it excels at breaking down what are the roles involved in reaching the purpose and what decision-making rights, limits, and responsibilities each role has. In other words: Who controls what, but as a role-based structure, regardless of the people.
  • SSV DAO’s Expected Budget 2023 — This document is the result of extensive consultation with prominent community members and is brought forward to the community to serve as a suggested framework for the upcoming strategic goals and the budget they entail.
  • New Chinese Community Lead — To date, the Chinese community has been one of the most active in the global community. The new community lead will support Chinese community engagement, and the organization of Twitter Spaces on the Shanghai update and related marketing activities. Additionally, cast you vote for the new Chinese Ambassador Robert Hu.

Tools & code:

The Shifu V2 testnet is online and running, with the node aligned to the spec the team can start looking toward V3 and possibly the launch candidate thereafter.

Getting Ready for Launch

With the approaching Mainnet in 2023 the DAO has been putting in the extra effort to ensure a smooth transition for all. By making the necessary preparations can enter the market with a strong developer ecosystem and a fully autonomous and decentralized DAO.

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