The Limited Launch: Welcome VOs to Mainnet Rollout

Welcome to the next phase of the mainnet rollout! Find out about Limited Launch and the release of our Verified Operators. ‘Limited Launch’

Welcome to the next phase of the mainnet rollout! For this phase, the SSV DAO Verified Operator Committee (VOC) has specially selected 20 Verified operators (VOs) to start managing a closed group of validators in the network. This blog post will explain everything you need to know about the protocol’s next phase in the mainnet rollout, Limited Launch.


  • A brief look at Mainnet Rollout so far
  • Limited Launch
  • More on Verified Operators

Limited Launch has Arrived

Congratulations to the builders for completing the first stage of the mainnet rollout. To celebrate and inform the community about the initiation of the second phase, we had an amazing Mainnet Call #2. For those of you who didn’t watch, I would urge you to have a look. For those more inclined to read, here is everything you need.

Limited Launch is much more than just the next step before achieving the vision of a fully permissionless and decentralized DVT network. It is the culmination of years of dedication and collaboration with people across the globe. Building relationships and establishing committees. From humble beginnings, we have finally arrived at a place where all participants will see a DVT network in action.

Being able to synchronize and vet the VOs is the final step in developing an idea into reality. Together a platform has been created that will enable near-infinite cluster permutations, all for the advancement of Ethereum.

This release might only be a step towards mainnet in the eyes of some, but it is a massive step for creating a real-life scenario where countless validator sets can be distributed to clusters that meets their exact needs. ‘Mainnet Roadmap’

SSV Mainnet Launch… So far

The mainnet rollout has been underway for a little over a month now. The previous stage was the Pre-launch, where solely the core team was testing the release candidate. At this point, the core team was responsible for the operator and validator activities, including providing ETH to set up the validators on the Ethereum mainnet. The main aim was to get performance, stability, and all the last bits and bytes ready for all systems go.

Some Wins From Pre-Launch

  • Outperforming most staking setups
  • Duty execution improved by 30%
  • 3 Community bootnodes
  • QBFT Timeout liveness (SIP-10)
  • Contract improvements — ERC-2535 Contracts Arch, Frontrunning & Replay Attacks fix, and Audits ‘4 operators 32 validators test’

Limited Launch

Pre-launch has now officially been concluded. From the start of August, Limited Launch is in effect. Thanks to the SSV DAO, the next step is underway, and essential to remember that the next phase (Launch) will only commence once the DAO approves. There are many moving parts, and much like the blockchain, consensus must be reached.

The initiation of the Limited Launch phase will see operator tasks include a team of 20 mainnet VOs, who will ensure validator duties run smoothly. This team of 20 VOs will continue to provide operator services to the network until the Permissionless Launch — when the ability to become an operator opens up to anyone from the public.

During this phase, the protocol will also integrate MEV into the mix, a first for DVT. Validators can choose operators using specific MEV relays that conform to their needs openly and transparently (more on this soon).’ Limited Launch Numbers’

Introducing the Mainnet VOs

During the Mainnet Limited Launch phase, there will be 20 Mainnet Verified Operators. The VOC has limited this to the network’s top 20 Verified Operators to test and ensure the best performance for users and our upcoming Launch Partners. ‘Mainnet Verified Operators’

Choosing to become a Verified Operator (VO) requires technical expertise, high performance, and resolve to participate as a top service provider. Not only do VOs enjoy the trust and respect of the network’s participants, but they also gain visibility and credibility within the SSV community.

To apply to become a VO, follow the steps in the dedicated VO page. Please note, VO applications are closed until the permissionless launch, whereafter anyone can sign up permissionlessly to become an operator or go through the process of becoming a VO.

Check out the Operators

Stakers that want to track operator performance or aren’t sure which operators to choose can use the SSV Explorer to gain a more granular view of their operations. Besides performance, various other factors can be considered when selecting an operator; location, execution- and consensus-clients, MEV relays, and more. This can be found in the webapp under the operator’s metadata.

Beyond this, operators and Verified Operators are critical in decentralizing the Ethereum staking ecosystem. Until recently, the majority of staked ETH has been managed by a few key players. But the and its operators are helping to diversify staking and validator management, ensuring Ethereum is more secure and distributed.

Next Stop, Launch!

As we’ve mentioned before, the rollout follows a phased approach, each phase building on the former. If one connects the dots, the end of this phase should have everything tested from the SSV side, enabling the next stage, which is bringing on our Launch Partners. These partners are builders. They will launch various staking applications on the, which will be open for the public to use. An entire array of solutions ranging from LSTs to pools to institutional staking.

We are excited about the future. Keep an eye on this space.

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