SSV DAO Starts Batching Proposals: Batch [1] — June 15, 2023

As the ecosystem gears up for mainnet rollout, the SSV DAO has opted to make voting more convenient and…

SSV DAO Starts Batching Proposals: Batch [1] — June 15, 2023

As the ecosystem gears up for mainnet rollout, the SSV DAO has opted to make voting more convenient and efficient for the community.

We’ve Started Batching Proposals

Why? Increased participation. Batching proposals together helps set the stage for a collective discussion about important decisions that are being made. We want to ensure that each voice is heard and that everyone understands the proposals. It’s a prime opportunity for the community to ask questions, express concerns, and engage in the decision-making process.

How will the process work?

  • Notifications will be sent out via Discord and Twitter when proposals are live in the SSV DAO forum (or enable notifications).
  • DAO Members will conduct a text-based AMA on the dedicated《🧵》dao-discussions channel in Discord and answer questions.
  • Roughly one week after the proposals have gone live on the forum, they will move to Snaphot for voting. Remember, you can only vote if you hold SSV tokens.

Batch [1] DAO Proposals Overview

1) SSV x Blox grant proposal [Core Development Team Grant]:

This landmark grant outlines a collaborative effort between SSV Network and Blox to fund the development of SSV’s core technology. The proposal aims to secure financial support to strengthen the core development team, allowing them to focus on advancing SSV’s infrastructure, enhancing security audits, and accelerating the integration of new projects.

The grant would provide resources for essential operations, including developer salaries, security audits, and network integration efforts. By allocating funds to the core development team, the proposal seeks to foster innovation, improve the security and reliability of SSV, and promote the wider adoption of its solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem.

2) DAO Contributor: Proposal for Engagement as a DAO Facilitator and Coordinator:

This proposal suggests engaging Ben Affleck as facilitator and coordinator to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the SSV DAO. The proposal aims to allocate resources towards Ben, who will oversee DAO operations, foster collaboration, and streamline decision-making processes. By employing a DAO facilitator and coordinator, SSV intends to optimize its governance structure, strengthen community engagement, and propel the growth of the network.

3) DAO Contributor: Robert.Hu as Chinese Ambassador of SSV Network:


The DAO Contributor Proposal appoints Robert Hu as the Chinese Ambassador of the SSV Network, aiming to expand SSV’s presence in China and engage with the Chinese Ethereum community. Robert Hu’s role includes promoting SSV, organizing community events, and fostering collaboration with Chinese developers and validators. This proposal aims to strengthen SSV’s global reach and establish a strong presence in the Chinese market.

4) DAO Contributor extension: Developer Evangelist & Integration Specialist:


MarkoInEther is requesting an extension as a DAO contributor, serving as a developer evangelist & integration specialist. His main focus is to enhance the developer ecosystem of the SSV network and remove any obstacles to implementation. Over the next 6 months, he aims to prepare for the mainnet launch, update documentation, assist teams in integrating SSV V3, expand developer resources, and refine the tokenomics framework. He will also establish and adjust parameters to ensure a successful protocol launch.

Your input matters! Ask questions, express concerns, and help shape the future. Drop your thoughts in the ⁠forum. Remember to vote and let’s collaborate toward decentralization!

Summary & FAQ

If you missed the discord AMA don’t threat there is an FAQ and Discord where we can help answer questions.

Q: What is the purpose of the DAO in
A: The DAO serves to decentralize decision-making and funding distribution in the ecosystem. The community, including token holders, have a say in the project’s governance.

Q: What is the significance of SSV tokens?
A: SSV tokens hold a governance function in the Holders can participate in voting and decision-making processes. They are also used to pay nodes for operating validators on a staker’s behalf. As well as network fees used to grow the ecosystem.

Q: What happens if the milestones for Blox’s proposal are not met within the expected timeline?
A: The grant is suggested to be paid in three equal installments upon achieving certain milestones. If these milestones aren’t met in time, there won’t be payment.

Q: How will the SSV tokens given to Blox be used?
A: The DAO can’t speak for Blox, but it’s expected that Blox will use the funds wisely, respecting market depth and liquidity. The grant will be paid in three batches, with the second batch dependent on the successful launch of a public mainnet.

Q: Why is so much funding needed for the DAO and Blox?
A: The funding is needed for core protocol development and ecosystem growth. It supports a substantial team of employees working on different aspects of the project. The expenses of Blox are higher than the grant requested.

Q: How long can the grant support Blox’s operations?
A: Blox is not only dependent on the grant but has different income streams to finance its operations. The DAO’s support is meant for the development of the protocol. The duration of the support will need to be assessed after each milestone is reached.

Q:What is the plan for the launch of SSV’s Mainnet?
A: The details of the mainnet launch are to be shared in the next community call scheduled for July 4th.

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