SSV DAO Updates: Issue #4

Welcome to Issue #4 of the SSV DAO Updates. This is an auspicious issue for an auspicious occasion. Get updated on recent DAO activity! ‘DAO Updates’

Welcome, everyone, to Issue #4 of the SSV DAO Updates. This is an auspicious issue for an auspicious occasion. With mainnet on the doorstep and the entire ecosystem going live with it, there are many things to discuss. This post will look at the grants ecosystem, important new proposals, the bustling developer ecosystem, events, and more.

Let’s get stuck in.


As the poises itself to go live, so will an entire ecosystem of builders, node operators, DAO, and community members. The protocol was developed as a public good for everyone to use, and in this spirit, it is governed and driven by the users and community. This means every stakeholder in the protocol can and should play an active role in ensuring its continuity.

The main way to navigate the protocol into the future is through submitting and voting on proposals in the Forum. To increase participation and discussion of proposals, we’ve decided to start batching proposals. Instead of dealing with proposals sporadically, we now host an AMA and discuss the new batch of proposals as they go live on the forum every 3 to 4 weeks. ‘DAO Proposals Batch [1]

DAO proposals batch [1] is currently live for voting on Snapshot. For more info on the proposals, how the new process works, and an FAQ, have a look at the official blog post.

Your vote counts, so seize the opportunity to reach the minimum quorum and effect a change.

  1. Core Development Grant — Building our core infrastructure.
  2. Marko’s Extension as DAO Development & Evangelist.
  3. Ben’s Proposal as DAO Facilitator and Coordinator.

Ecosystem Growth

Ecosystem growth is imperative and goes hand in hand with improving technology. The name of the game is cooperation. We learned this lesson early on when we started developing, and the community around it. Nearly three years later, we can see a bustling ecosystem innovating in all directions.

When mainnet goes live will be the first zero coordination DVT Network that has builders creating full-on staking applications ranging from squad staking to institutional liquid staking solutions.

Ecosystem Fund

We are funding the future of DVT. The SSV DAO launched a $50 mil Ecosystem Fund alongside 14 industry-leading partners. The fund’s Northstar is to improve a grantee’s chances of reaching the final stages of deployment on the

  • Pitch Day #1 saw 6 teams presenting their staking applications to 20 EcoFund members from 14 different funds.
  • Pitch Day #2 had 4 projects, with interest from 12 different funds.

There are various projects in discussions with VC partners to get their applications off the ground. Get funded to play a part in the Future of Staking.


The SSV DAO Grants Program has seen many new builders enter since the previous update. With 15 new teams building, the total grants allocated have risen to 43, and a total of $2.5 million has been allocated to building the next go-to staking applications and tooling. ‘Builders Ecosystem’

Offline Events & Panels

Since ETHDenver the aim has been to talk about the benefits of a DVT Network. We want to show how delivers an easy-to-use, scalable, and decentralized platform, that can be used to power future Ethereum staking applications. ‘events’

Upcoming Events
Come join us at ETH Barcelona, Staking Soire, and EthCC in July! ‘events’

Token Holders

For token holder info and current voting quorum, check out the SSV Dune Dashboard. We have seen steady a growth of wallets holding SSV. This increase has seemingly translated to more members in the Snapshot that participate in voting. ‘Dune Dashboard Spookyg Ssv

Tools & Code

For a deeper insight into co-development, check out the Developer Report for March and April. Including a bunch of new video tutorials on setting up nodes and your own LST pool.

The SSV Repo has been split into two:
NEW lsd-pool is the pool originally contained by awesome-ssv
Awesome-ssv there are now only tutorials and tools and ecosystem resources

The Future of Staking is Here

Don’t miss out on our Mainnet Call #1 on the 4th of July! We’ll be releasing all the details about the rollout plan and the details associated with with each phase until the protocol is live for everyone!

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