Unveiling SSV Labs: The Core Development team of ssv.network

Unveil SSV Labs: Learn about the revamped core team of ssv.network, its mission in the Ethereum ecosystem, and it's role in SSV Network
Unveiling SSV Labs

The ssv.network DAO is thrilled to announce that the SSV Core team has officially been revamped into SSV Labs. SSV Labs is a contributor of the ssv.network protocol and is driven to support the Ethereum ecosystem. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the rationale behind revamping the Core team brand, its role in the ecosystem, and the synergies between the various entities that comprise the SSV Network.

The SSV DAO Journey to Self-Governance

Unveiling SSV Labs is the conclusion of a multi-year process. When the ssv.network protocol was still in testnet the SSV DAO formed to coordinate ecosystem participants and start the road to becoming a public good. 

Thereafter the ssv.network DAO took a big step toward independence by engaging its first development service provider through the Blox grant proposal.

Since the approval of [DIP-13] and the subsequent incorporation of the SSV Foundation in October 2023, it has been crucial to give agency to the DAO. The SSV Foundation is the right hand of the DAO in the real world and is part of the commitment to making the project independent, self-sustaining, and fully controlled by the community. 

The ssv.network DAO regards SSV Labs as one of its many contributors to the protocol and is happy to see its remodeling from the Core team to SSV Labs.

Purpose of SSV Labs

The SSV Network Core team – now known as SSV Labs – provides a few services to the SSV DAO and Foundation. SSV Labs is a company with its own interests and goals, which include contributing to ssv.network and the overall improvement of Ethereum. SSV Labs is one of the various contributors that build and maintain products and tools for the ssv.network ecosystem and other ecosystems.  

How does SSV Labs collaborate with the DAO? As a contributor, SSV Labs holds two seats in two committees in the DAO and actively participates in developing the protocol. Additionally, a proposal has passed for SSV Labs to serve as a service provider for the DAO, particularly in marketing initiatives.

The 3 Pillars of SSV Network

The ssv.network protocol is a public good for decentralizing Ethereum’s validation layer. Central to ssv.network’s operational framework is a robust structure comprising contributors, the SSV Foundation, and the ssv.network DAO. This cohesive ecosystem is intentionally designed to ensure legal compliance, self-sustained innovation, and allow the ecosystem to scale naturally.

ssv.network ‘pillars of ssv.network’

The ssv.network protocol is owned and governed by the ssv.network DAO and sustained by the community and SSV token holders. To support the DAO, the SSV Foundation – an entity designated to carry out the will of token holders and the DAO through proposals – acts on its behalf in the real world, e.g., by signing contracts, asset ownership, and hiring DAO contributors, among others. Concurrently, the SSV Network Foundation assumes the role of regulatory oversight, safeguarding legal compliance and governance across all facets of operations.

SSV Labs drives groundbreaking research and development endeavors, advancing projects that redefine the DVT landscape. Contributors help build out the ecosystem with good tooling and innovative use cases, creating a positive feedback loop for the DAO.

SSV Labs Website

With the establishment of SSV Labs, the core team has transitioned to a new domain name: ssv.labs. Additionally, the email domains have been updated to align with the new branding, ensuring a seamless transition for the community and partners. The team has also prepared a new web page for anyone who wants to get involved or learn more.

Join the SSV Community AMA

For those who want to learn more about SSV Labs from the SSV DAO and Foundation representatives, please feel free to join the AMA on 29th May at 3 PM UCT. Questions can be pre-submitted to the Discord channel and get answered live!

Become part of the SSV Network

SSV Network is scaling! Join the community in various capacities — ambassador, community, or team member. Don’t miss the chance to play a crucial role in the future of staking. The ssv.network website also recently had a facelift; check it out!

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