Mainnet is here!

Welcome the next generation of easy-to-use, scalable, and decentralized infrastructure that will power future Ethereum staking applications

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Launching an Ecosystem

+3 Years in
+2 Years of public
+45 Projects building
the ecosystem
+50 Full time
contributors in over
10 countries
+150 Node
+500 Life time
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Mainnet Highlights

Limited Launch

Run a Node: Selected Verified Operators

Stake: Core team



Run a Node: Selected Verified Operators

Stake: Anyone can stake through selected applications


Permissionless Launch

Free for all, open, permissionless network.

SSV Network Mascot - Powered by DVT

Easy Setup: - DVT Network and smart contracts enable the simple deployment of decentralized staking applications on Ethereum.

Scalable: Outsource infrastructure needs - Big & small - to the professionals running on decentralized DVT infrastructure.

Permissionless & Flexible: Anyone can run a node on the trustless DVT network. Natively supported setup configuration enables seamless operator customization.

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How long will the entire mainnet rollout take?

Rolling out the mainnet is a complex process with many moving parts and players. The rollout will take several months, starting around the end of Q2 2023 (Pre-launch) and completed toward the end of Q4 2023 with the Permissionless Launch. The launch is an intricate process, timelines may vary slightly. Please bare with us if they do.

Will there be an incentivization program?


Will I be able to stake ETH with directly?

Yes. Please note during the Launch phase, stakers will only be able to stake through Launch Partner applications. During the Permissionless launch, stakers can register their validator to the protocol and decentralize its operation through the DVT network.

Will the SSV token be integrated on mainnet?

The test SSV token has been integrated since Shifu (v2 testnet). But yes, stakers will pay operators in SSV tokens for running your validator on the network.

How can I earn SSV tokens?

Simple, become an SSV Node Operator or Liquidator. These 2 important roles in the network require a person to run dedicated software and participate in the network 24/7.

Will the testnet continue to run in parallel?

Similar to Prater and Ethereum the testnet will always run in parallel. It's the testing environment for developers to test their applications before mainnet, and for operators to test their node configurations and performance. A playground for anyone who wants to experiment with our protocol.

What happens after mainnet?

It's been a journey of 2+ years and thousands of hours of work, but this is only the beginning. After goes live there are another 30+ grantees that will launch and start playing a part in the Future of ETH Staking. Our vision is to ensure Ethereum's sustainability by migrating all staked ETH to Distributed Validator Technology (DVT). We believe the best way to do this is to provide a usable platform that enables builders to quickly and easily deploy decentralized and robust staking applications asa catalyst for adoption.

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